Monday, February 11, 2013

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tony Twist vs Francois Leroux

Francois Leroux bloodies Tony Twist with a punch as he had his hand taped up, on 3/26/96.

Brett Lindros vs Francois Leroux

Islanders Brett Lindros takes on giant Penguins Francois Leroux and does good against him.

Darcy Tucker bloodies Craig Adams

Leafs Darcy Tucker bloodies Hurricanes Craig Adams in a fight.

Darren Langdon vs Reid Simpson

Rangers Darren Langdon vs Devils Reid Simpson in a slugfest.

Paul Laus bloodies Bob Probert

Panthers Paul Laus bloodies Blackhawks Bob Probert in this good hockey fight.

Sandy McCarthy beats down Chris Tamer

Lightning's Sandy McCarthy beats on Penguins Chris Tamer.

Peter Worrell vs Reid Simpson round 3

Panthers Peter Worrell vs Lightning Reid Simpson in their third fight against each other.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bob Probert vs Marty McSorley classic fight

Here's one of the all-time classic hockey fights that went a long time. Check it out, Red Wings Bob Probert vs Penguins Marty McSorley.

Gino Odjick vs Marty McSorley in 1991 playoffs

Canucks Gino Odjick vs Kings Marty McSorley in Game 3 of the first round matchup from the 1991 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Panthers vs Sabres mini brawl

The Panthers and Sabres have a little mini line brawl at the end of a game.

Brad Ference vs Darcy Tucker

Florida Panthers Brad Ference and Toronto Maple Leafs Darcy Tucker slug it out.

Wendel Clark vs Bob Probert 4 rounds

Here's some old school hockey fights with Leafs Wendel Clark vs Red Wings Bob Probert 4 times over their careers.