Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Stan Jonathan fights

Stan Jonathan wasn't the biggest guy but dam he knew how to fight and he did pretty good in his fights. Below is a compilation with some of his hockey fights.

Stan Jonathan bloodies Pierre Bouchard

Looking back at more past hockey fights again, here is a classic with Boston Bruins' tough guy Stan Jonathan bloodying the hell out of Montreal Canadiens' tough guy Pierre Bouchard. Bouchard is a mess after this fight with blood all over the place, and even on the linesman's face. Watch the video below.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Peca lays out Selanne

Looking back again, I don't know if many remember this incident but Michael Peca, then with the Vancouver Canucks, layed out Teemu Selanne of the Winnipeg Jets with a big time hit that gave Selanne a concussion. Watch it below.

Looking back at Probert vs Domi

Since it's the offseason and everyone is gearing up for the upcoming season I thought I would look back at maybe the best fighting rivalry in hockey, the one between Bob Probert and Tie Domi. They have had some real good fights and the two below are probably their best against each other. It's actually their first two fights against each other as well. Round 1 went to Domi, but Probert got revenge in round 2. Watch them below.

Bob Probert vs Tie Domi, Round 1, February 9, 1992

Bob Probert vs Tie Domi, Round 2, December 2, 1992

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tough guy Shawn Thornton signs with Bruins

Bruins' fans should be excited that the Bruins were able to sign tough guy Shawn Thornton. He was probably the most sought-after tough guy available. A lot of people I think underrate Thornton's fighting abilities. He is one of the very few that has edged Georges Laraque, who is the heavyweight champ in the NHL. Watch the video clip below of Shawn Thornton edging Georges Laraque back in 2004.