Friday, October 26, 2007

Zdeno Chara bloodies David Koci

Last night there was a major fight between two giants, Bruins' captain Zdeno Chara and Blackhawks' enforcer David Koci. What a fight it was, a bloody fight that is. Koci had an injured nose before the fight, but it got completely messed up in this fight as Chara busted him open badly. Watch the YouTube video of the fight below. It looked like they hit each other at the same time with a punch, and Chara went down to a knee and Koci was busted open. But after looking at it in different angles and reading other's opinions, Koci's punch did not land on Chara. Koci's face was covered with blood, as was the ice where they were fighting. Koci's foreheard looked really bloody, so maybe he was cut open on his forehead. Watch the fight below, download it here.

Zdeno Chara bloodies David Koci

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Georges Laraque vs Donald Brashear

This may be fight of the year now, with Penguins' Georges Laraque and Capitals' Donald Brashear dropping the gloves and dropping each other on the ice. What a fight they had tonight and I would give the edge to Brashear in this one, but I've been thinking this may be a draw. If the linesmen came in after Laraque knocked down Brashear twice, wouldn't Laraque get the win? But they didn't and Brashear knocked down Laraque with a punch and then the linesmen came in. Laraque got right back up so he wasn't hurt from it. So what would you call it? Who gets the win? Leave a comment on what you think. Watch the fight below, courtesy of a member on

Georges Laraque vs Donald Brashear

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Below is another version of the fight, slightly different camera angle to watch the punches fly.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Rookie tough guy Lucic opens eyes

Bruins fans have been liking what they have been watching from rookie Milan Lucic. He can hit, fight, and even play hockey. Against the Kings Lucic had the Gordie How hat trick, recording his first NHL goal, assist, and point(s). He also had a fight with Kings' enforcer Raitis Ivanans. Last night Lucic fought Lightnings' Nick Tarnasky and got the win no doubt. Watch the fight below and download the fight clip here. Lucic just kept hammering his right and Tarnasky eventually went down. I hope this kid stays up in the NHL, he's bringing excitement back in hockey for Beantown.

Milan Lucic pounds Nick Tarnasky

Monday, October 15, 2007

Boogaard gets some revenge on May

Sunday night in the Wild-Ducks game we all knew something was going to happen but not sure who would fight who. We all knew Derek Boogaard was going to try and get Brad May to fight and avenge the May KO'ing Kim Johnsson incident in last year's playoffs series between the Wild and Ducks. I wasn't sure if May would drop the gloves with him but he did and hung in there for as long as he could. A little later Ryan Getzlaf handled Nick Schultz well. Even later, George Parros dropped the gloves with Boogaard after Boogaard crashed into Ducks' goalie Jean-Sebastien Giguere. Parros held his own and did better than I thought but I would give it a draw. You can watch and download these three fights on a post on Adam's Hockey Site Forum.

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Brad May vs Derek Boogaard
AP photo

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fight of the year so far

Saturday night there quite a few fights including a KO, but I think we have fight of the year at the moment. In the Senators-Rangers game, Brian McGrattan and Colton Orr had a great heavyweight fight with both guys exchanging punches. Both guys looked like they landed punches on each other and both did not go down. It was a great fight that I would give the edge to McGrattan. Watch it below.

Brian McGrattan vs Colton Orr

Thanks to Adams Hockey Forum for the clip.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Tootoo gets what he dishes out

Yesterday Jordin Tootoo threw an elbow at a Coyote player and then Craig Weller went after him and clotheslined him. Tootoo stayed down on the ice and it looked like Weller wanted to pound his ass, but didn't because he was down and stayed there. So what Tootoo usually does to people now happens to him. Sometimes you get what you dish out and Tootoo surely did last night. Watch the YouTube video below.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Boulerice cheap shot on Kesler

There have been quite a few fights at the start of this season and yesterday we saw the first severe cheap shot of this season. Flyers' Jesse Boulerice lost it and cross checked Canucks' Ryan Kesler right in the face/jaw area. Kesler went down as Boulerice was ready to drop the gloves for Kesler or any Canucks player as the Canucks players came rushing in to get a piece of him. Watch the video below. Maybe now the Canucks will dress a tough guy/enforcer besides Jeff Cowan who isn't an enforcer. Don't be surprised if Boulerice is suspended for 20+ games.

Also in the YouTube video is Flyers' Ben Eager bumping into Canucks' goalie Curtis Sanford and everyone gets involved. Eager tries to beat the crap out of fairy pansy Matt Cooke, while R.J. Umberger and Jeff Cowan try to go.