Thursday, April 26, 2007

More first round fights

Here are the rest of the hockey fights that happened during the first round of the playoffs. On April 17th, between the Thrashers and Rangers game, Ilya Kovalchuk and Sean Avery got into a fight and it was mostly Kovalchuk who threw the punches. Decision to Kovalchuk. That same day, in the Ducks-Wild game, Corey Perry and Brent Burns had a spirited bout with Burns getting the upper hand in their fight. Later in that game, Kent Huskins and Adam Hall had a wrestling match with Shawn Thornton jumping in there. And Brad May sucker punched Kim Johnsson.

On April 20th in the Lightning-Devils game, Andre Roy and Michael Rupp dropped the gloves and Rupp got the decision over Roy in a surprising fight. Then a little later, Nolan Pratt pounded on Jamie Langenbrunner with a lot of body shots. Decision to Pratt. On April 21st, in the Flames-Red Wings game, Dion Phaneuf and Todd Bertuzzi somehow got fighting majors when they really just wrestled. I give this a draw because nothing really happened in this one.

The second round of the playoffs started Wednesday night with no fights but I'm expecting there to be some before the round is over.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

NHL playoffs fights

Even though we're not deep into the playoffs there have been a few fights. This is a surprise to me and a good surprise. The Sharks-Predators series has been nasty as there have been cheap shots, fights, and now even coaches talking through the media about the series. Nice! This series so far has had Ryane Clowe vs Jordin Tootoo, Mike Grier vs Scott Hartnell, and Scott Hannan vs Jerred Smithson all happened at the same time. The best fight was between Clowe and Tootoo as after the fight Tootoo had a bloody nose. Watch the clip of these fights below.

Sharks vs Predators fights

In the Wild-Ducks series, so far there has been one fight with Brent Burns and Chris Kunitz. I gave that one a draw. In the Penguins-Senators series, there has been two fights. The first with Colby Armstrong and Mike Comrie going at it. I gave that one a draw as not much happened in it. Tonight, Dean McAmmond and Maxime Talbot had a spirited bout after Armstrong took out Patrick Eaves with a big hit. I gave the edge to McAmmond in that fight.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

End of season fights

The last fights of the regular season took place on Sunday. There were only two fights. In the Blackhawks-Stars game, Brent Seabrook and Steve Ott had a short fight where Ott was the only one who threw punches as he got Seabrook off balance and Ott got the takedown. Decision to Ott in not much of a fight.

In the Flames-Avalanche game, Dion Phaneuf layed out Tyler Arnason so Ian Laperriere went at Phaneuf and they dropped the gloves and had a spirited fight. Laperriere looked to have the edge in that one. Watch the YouTube video of that fight below.

Dion Phaneuf vs Ian Laperriere

I'm not expecting many fights in the playoffs, but maybe we'll get some, who knows.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Rookie Jack Johnson fights for respect

With the season winding down, on Saturday there were some hockey fights. In the Blackhawks-Red Wings game there was actually a fight. Patrick Sharp and Andreas Lilja had a spirited bout with Lilja landing two good punches on Sharp. Sharp also looked to land a punch but the decision goes to Lilja. In the Coyotes-Kings game there were three fights and rookie Jack Johnson was in two of them. First Daniel Carcillo and Jack Johnson dropped the gloves and had a spirited bout where both guys threw some nice punches, but the edge went to Carcillo. Jackson though showed up and threw punches back. Watch the YouTube video of this fight below.

Daniel Carcillo vs Jack Johnson

The next fight in the Coyotes-Kings game was between Josh Gratton and Raitis Ivanans. This fight happened because earlier Ivanans hit Keith Ballard into the boards and he fell awkwardly and was hurt. So Gratton and Ivanans dropped the gloves off a faceoff. Both guys exchanged punches but Ivanans used his reach to hold out Gratton and throw punches at him. The decision goes to Ivanans in this fight. Near the end of the game, Shane Doan hit Jamie Heward into the Kings goalie and Jack Johnson went at Doan, Doan immediately dropped his gloves and started throwing punches at Johnson. Heward jumps in and everyone tries to get in there. Even Curtis Joseph came down the ice but no line brawl took place. I agree with the Kings commentator in that what Doan did was cheap. There's no reason to hit a player into the goalie in the final minute of the last game of the season. I had a lot of respect for him but seeing that, I lost some.

In the Lightning-Thrashers game, Nick Tarnasky and Eric Boulton dropped the gloves and fought. I did not see this fight yet so I can't tell you about it. In the Ducks-Blue Jackets game, Ron Hainsey instigated a fight with Rob Niedermayer because Niedermayer boarded Zherdev. Not much of a fight, both guys threw some punches but nothing landed. I give this one a draw.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Only one fight: Eager vs Rupp

There was only one hockey fight last night and it was between Flyers' Ben Eager and Devils' Mike Rupp. This was their second fight with each other of the season. It wasn't much of a fight as Rupp tried to hold off Eager with his reach. They both managed to throw a few, Eager looked to throw more and Rupp got the takedown. I give this one a draw. Hopefully this weekend has some action, although it's near the end of the season so some teams may just be trying to stay healthy.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Sharks and Ducks battle it out

Last night the San Jose Sharks and the Anaheim Ducks played a gritty, playoff-like game that had a fight. The fight was between Ryane Clowe and Shawn Thornton. It started because Thornton hit Sharks' captain Patrick Marleau and Clowe came right over and dropped the gloves. Thornton then dropped his gloves and they tie each other up and both try and throw rights. They continue to try and throw punches, but both look exhausted. I give this one a draw. Watch the YouTube video of this fight below.

Ryane Clowe vs Shawn Thornton

Fights with some newbies

On Monday there was only on hockey fight with Blues' D.J. King vs the Stars' Krys Barch. This was a good fight with King mostly controlling the fight. Decision to King in that one.

On Tuesday, there were four fights. In the Bruins-Canadiens game Dennis Wideman and Guillaume Latendresse dropped the gloves in a spirited fight where neither guy looked to get the upper hand. I gave that one a draw. That was Latendresse's first in the NHL.

In the Oilers-Wild game, Zack Stortini and Derek Boogaard had a short fight as Stortini had the bear hug on Boogaard at the start of it. Then Boogaard got his right arm free and threw some big punches and then Stortini, knowing he's going to get pounded, grabs Boogaard's left leg and tries to send the big guy down by getting him off balance. But Boogaard doesn't go down, and then Stortini throws a quick right that looks to land, and then he falls to the ice. Boogaard then throws a couple at Stortini as they are both on the ice. The linesmen try and break them up as Boogaard looks pissed that Stortini tried that wrestling move on him. This wasn't much of a fight but if I had to give a decision, I would give it to Boogaard. You can watch the YouTube video of this fight below.

Zack Stortini vs Derek Boogaard

Later in the Oilers-Wild game, Patrick Thoresen and Branko Radivojevic had an ok fight for two guys who don't fight often. It was all Radivojevic at first but Thoresen threw a big right hand that looked to land. I would give this one a draw.

In the Blues-Coyotes game, David Backes and Keith Ballard had an ok good fight for guys who also don't fight often (although Ballard has fought before). I would give this one a draw, maybe a slight edge to Ballard. This was Backes' first NHL fight.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Battle of the agitators, Avery vs Tucker

I bet a lot of people wanted to see this fight go down and it did last night. I'm talking about Sean Avery vs Darcy Tucker of course, probably the two biggest agitators in the game today. They lined up against each other on a faceoff and they talked. After the puck was dropped, Tucker dropped his gloves but Avery turned his back to Tucker. Tucker goes at Avery, Avery turns around and finally drops the gloves. They then have a good fight with both guys landing some punches. It looked though that Tucker landed more and I would give him the decision. I don't like either of these guys but they know how to do their job. Watch the YouTube video of their fight below.

Darcy Tucker vs Sean Avery

In the Oilers-Blackhawks game Zack Stortini and Martin Lapointe had another fight, but this one wasn't a hugfest as their previous fight was. Off a faceoff Lapointe skated right over to Stortini and dropped the gloves. Stortini then dropped the gloves and Lapointe started throwing some big punches at Stortini. It was all Lapointe in the beginning but Stortini came back at the end. I would give Lapointe the win in this fight as he looked to land more punches.

Jarome Iginla can do it all

Saturday proved to be another good night for hockey fights with six fights. Before I get to Jarome Iginla let me get the other stuff out of the way. In the Thrashers-Bruins game, first Eric Boulton and Jeremy Reich dropped the gloves and had a rather quick fight with both guys not really landing much. Boulton lost his balance and Reich went down on the top of him. I would give that one a draw. Later in the game, Jim Slater hit Jeff Hoggan against the boards, Hoggan got up and went at Slater and challenged him. They dropped the gloves and had a spirited fight where both guys looked like they landed a few. I would give a slight edge to Hoggan, maybe a draw. Watch the YouTube video of their fight below.

Jim Slater vs Jeff Hoggan

In the Capitals-Lightning game there were two fights. First, Donald Brashear and Andre Roy had another fight. Roy and Brashear exchanged punches furiously, some missing and some looked to land. Good spirited bout with these two tough guys. I would give this one a draw. Brashear did skate away from the fight with a cut and blood on his forehead. Later in the game, Matt Bradley and Nick Tarnasky had a quick fight where not much was thrown and I gave that one a draw. In the Ducks-Blues game, we had a heavyweight fight with George Parros (with his famous mustache) against rookie tough guy D.J. King. Both guys threw a lot of punches and King's punches looked to land at the start of the fight. Parros came back with some too but I would have to give the decision to King. After the fight Parros had a bloody nose and there was blood all over the ice as well.

And now about Jarome Iginla. Iginla may be the closest thing to Cam Neely right now in the NHL. The guy can play the game, hit, score, and fight. He had a good fight against Canucks' Willie Mitchell on Saturday. I would give that fight a draw. Watch the YouTube video of the fight below.

Jarome Iginla vs Willie Mitchell

AHL flavor with Cote vs Janssen

On Friday, there were three fights. Devils' Cam Janssen and Flyers' Riley Cote had a good fight where both landed some big punches, but Janssen looked to land more. Decision goes to Janssen in this fight. They fought before in the AHL and this was Cote's first fight in the NHL during the regular season. Watch the YouTube video of their fight below.

Riley Cote vs Cam Janssen

Also on Friday, in the Coyotes-Sharks game, Josh Gratton had a fight with Douglas Murray. Murray surprised Gratton with some big punches but Gratton tried to come back but Murray tied Gratton up pretty good during the fight. I would give the edge to Murray. In the Lightning-Hurricanes game, Vincent Lecavalier layed out a Hurricanes player with a big hit and I think David Tanabe tried to go after Lecavalier. A big scrum ensues and Shane O'Brien goes after Tanabe and challenges him. They drop the gloves and it's all O'Brien in their fight as Tanabe is not a fighter. Decision to O'Brien as he threw most if not all of the punches in that fight.