Monday, December 15, 2008

Andrei Nazarov vs Bob Probert

Boston Bruins' Andrei Nazarov vs Chicago Blackhawks' Bob Probert on October 28, 2001. Nazarov bloodies Probert in this fight.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mike Komisarek vs Milan Lucic

Montreal Canadiens' Mike Komisarek vs Boston Bruins' Milan Lucic on November 13, 2008.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Patrick Roy's son goes nuts

Ex-NHL goalie Patrick Roy has a son who is a goalie that went nuts in the Quebec Remparts at Chicoutimi Sagueneens game on March 22nd. Watch what happened below.

I'm all for hockey fights and brawls but watch the other goalie, he just stood there and obviously didn't want to fight but Roy grabbed him and kept throwing punches at him even while he was down on the ice. That's really cheap and just stupid.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Riley Cote vs Shawn Thornton

Philadelphia Flyers' Riley Cote vs Boston Bruins' Shawn Thornton on March 15, 2008.

Andre Roy vs Riley Cote and Roy goes nuts

Below are the two fights from March 7th between Lightning' Andre Roy and Flyers' Riley Cote. Roy gets the edge in round 1, but Cote KOs Roy in round 2. Then later in the game Roy goes mad and goes nuts on the bench, watch that in the third video below.

Andre Roy vs Riley Cote round 1

Andre Roy vs Riley Cote round 2

Andre Roy goes nuts on the bench

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jarkko Ruutu vs Milan Lucic

Pittsburgh Penguins' Jarkko Ruutu vs Boston Bruins' Milan Lucic on February 28, 2008. Great fight here.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Kovalev and Hollweg cheap shots

In today's Rangers-Canadiens game we had some action. First Kovalev got away with an elbow to Ryan Hollweg's head. So Hollweg loses his cool and later hits Kostitsyn from behind into the boards. Kostitsyn looks hurt at first but gets up slowly and comes back later to play in the game. After the hit was made Josh Georges tries to go at Hollweg, and it looks like Hollweg tries to go after Saku Koivu. Colton Orr and Francis Bouillon got together and traded punches but nothing much landed (Bouillon wears a visor). Watch all of this below.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Owen Nolan vs Mike Grier

On January 30th in the Sharks-Flames game, Flames' veteran Owen Nolan scored three goals and dominated a fight against Sharks' Mike Grier. The veteran can still throw them so watch out. Watch the fight below.

Jarkko Ruutu knees Ilya Kovalchuk, then fights Steve McCarthy

On January 30th, in the Penguins-Thrashers game, Thrashers' All-Star Ilya Kovalchuk was kneed by Penguins' agitator Jarkko Ruutu and then Thrashers' defenseman Steve McCarthy went after him and tried to pound the ducking away Ruutu. Hopefully Kovalchuk isn't out for a long time.

McCarthy said: "First of all, Ruutu's running at your best player, whether it was a clean hit or not, and it wasn't," McCarthy said. "It hits knee on knee, hurts one of our best players, and that can't happen."

And did you think it was a cheap shot? Yeah, I did," McCarthy said.

Ruutu disagreed. "I barely hit him. I didn't change direction. I just went for a hit," Ruutu told reporters. "I got five minutes for fighting, and I didn't even throw a punch."

Watch the video of this hit and fight below.

Colton Orr vs Wade Brookbank 2x

On January 29th, the Rangers and Hurricanes met up for the first time since Colton Orr layed out Matt Cullen with a huge hit I thought there may be some fights in this one and it did not disappoint. Colton Orr and Wade Brookbank dropped the gloves twice. Their first fight was the better and Orr got the win in that one as after the fight Brookbank had some cuts and red marks on his face. The second fight wasn't much but it was a fight. Watch them both below.

Orr vs Brookbank round 1

Orr vs Brookbank round 2

Krys Barch vs Andrew Peters

On January 24th Stars' Krys Barch stood up for his teammate Steve Ott and took on the Sabres' heavyweight Andrew Peters. I don't know what Peters was waiting for, it seemed like he held back for a reason, but Barch kept throwing short jersey jabs which seemed to work on Peters and throw the occassional big punch. Barch gets the decision in this one. Watch it below.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cote knockdowns McGrattan

Sunday night we had a heavyweight bout with Senators' Brian McGrattan and Flyers' Riley Cote drop the gloves and had a good fight with both guys landing a few bombs. But McGrattan looked to get nailed and then lost his balance and went down to the ice. Then McGrattan got up, looked to favor his shoulder and skate to the locker room. Hopefully he's not out for a long time. Cote with a big win over one of the top current NHL fighters. Watch the fight below.

Brian McGrattan vs Riley Cote

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

May and Barch meet up again

Stars' Kyle Barch and Ducks' Brad May had a really good fight last night. This was their third time fighting each other this season. Both guys kept throwing punches until they were tired. Hopefully they fight some more as they play against each other a few more times this season. Watch the awesome fight below.

Kyle Barch vs Brad May

Friday, January 4, 2008

Darcy Tucker vs Jarkko Ruutu, battle of the agitators

Thursday night we got to see a slugfest between two of the best agitators in the game today, Darcy Tucker and Jarkko Ruutu. They went at it and had a great fight with both guys throwing and landing some bombs to each other's face. It looked like Ruutu landed more and by the end of the fight Tucker had blood on his left eyebrow trickling down his face. That was an awesome fight, watch it below, and download it here.

Darcy Tucker vs Jarkko Ruutu