Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ducks win the Stanley Cup

The Anaheim Ducks have beat the Ottawa Senators and are the Stanley Cup champions. I love how the Ducks are built with the toughness that the entire team has and the heart they play with. Hopefully more teams follow what the Ducks did, bring in tough players who know how to play and play physical. This is hockey baby, not soccer. Ducks' captain Scott Niedermayer won the Conn Smythe Trophy as the Playoff MVP. Congratulations to the whole Anaheim Ducks organization.

Pronger and Neil, not so different

After game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals, Chris Neil called Chris Pronger a "backstabber" because Pronger was pushing around Senators and irritating them, and of course with the elbow/forearm to Dean McAmmond's head. But as Ducks' GM Brian Burke said, the worst hit in game 3 was the elbow to Andy McDonald's head after Neil's six full strides to get to McDonald.

Now earlier in tonight's game, game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals, Chris Neil came in late and hit/pushed Pronger in the head and now Pronger is not on the ice and isn't seen on the Ducks' bench, with probably a possible injury? So who's the backstabber now? You shouldn't criticize other players for playing the same way you do. Pronger and Neil both play a physical game and aren't afraid to mix it up when they have to. But come on Neil, stop bitching about Pronger when you do the same things out there.

Update at 8:55 PM
Chris Pronger has came back to the bench and on the ice for the Ducks later in the first period. So he looks like he is ok now.

Alfredson denies shooting puck at Niedermayer

Just a few minutes ago, Pierre Maguire on NBC had a short interview with Ottawa Senators' captain Daniel Alfredson, you know-the gutless puke that shot the puck at the Ducks' Scott Niedermayer at the end of the second period in game 4 of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Pierre Maguire asked Alfredson straight on if he shot the puck at Niedermayer and of course Alfredson denied it, but we all know he was lying. Even after the interview ex-NHL All-Star Brett Hull said that Alfredson was lying.

I had a lot of respect for Alfredson but after seeing that classless shit he did to Niedermayer and then sucker punches Travis Moen, I have no more respect for him. If you haven't seen Alfredson's chicken-shit classless move, watch it on the YouTube video below.

I guess what gets me the most is that Alfredson didn't get a penalty for shooting the puck at Niedermayer or for throwing a sucker punch at Moen right in front of a linesman. What's with that? Is it because he's known for his scoring and not physical play? Probably. Trust me, as I said in my last post, if that was Brad May or Shawn Thornton or Chris Neil shooting the puck at someone or throwing a sucker punch, then they would have been given a penalty, maybe a major and maybe even the game. But no, not for Alfredson. Is that special treatment? Yes it is. And it's bullshit!

The only other time I remember seeing someone shoot the puck at someone was in a game (I think it was a playoff game) between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers. Then, Flyers' defenseman Luke Richardson shot the puck at Penguins' defenseman Bob Boughner and it looked to hit Boughner near the collarbone/neck area. Boughner wasn't hurt, but he was pissed and a big scrum ensued. I believe Richardson got a penalty for that too.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Don Cherry on NBC says more fights

Don Cherry is the best and he knows hockey. He was just on NBC in the second intermission of game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals and Bill Clement and Brett Hull asked him about fighting in hockey. Don Cherry said that hockey should have more of it because it draws fans and will bring better ratings. I 100% agree with Don Cherry on this and so did Brett Hull.

The topic of fighting came up because at the end of the second period Ottawa Senators' captain Daniel Alfredson shot the puck intentionally at Ducks' captain Scott Niedermayer. Soon after that everyone tried to get at Alfredson. While he was behind a linesman and another Ottawa player, then he throws a gloved punch at Travis Moen. Real tough for Alfredson, what a classless piece of shit.

At the start of the third period they showed the referee talking to Alfredson. Where's the penalty? He wasn't given a penalty for shooting the puck at Niedermayer. Wow, what a joke! You know if a tough guy like Chris Neil or Brad May did something like that, they would probably get an intent to injure penalty and game misconduct, but no, not with Alfredson. Fuckin double standard.

Watch the video of the intermission with Don Cherry, Brett Hull, and Bill Clement talking about hockey needing fighting back in hockey on NBC. Bring back rock em, sock em!

Not many fights in playoffs

It's been a while since I've last posted. There hasn't been much since Flames' Dion Phaneuf and Red Wings' Todd Bertuzzi had their wrestling match. Although the Ducks' Shawn Thornton and Red Wings' Danny Markov had a short fight if you want to call it that. And in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals there was a big scrum with Senators' Mike Fisher and Ducks' Ryan Getzlaf going at it and Senators' Peter Schaefer and Ducks' Dustin Penner wrestling on the ice.