Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Simon bloodies Fedoruk and Coyotes-Oilers go at it

Last night provided us hockey fans with a few good hockey fights. In the Flyers-Islanders game there were two fights. The first hockey fight was between Todd Fedoruk and Chris Simon. This was a good one with both guys trading some bombs. Simon did land the best punches though as Fedoruk was bleeding after the fight. Decision to Simon in this fight. Watch the Fedoruk-Simon fight below.

Todd Fedoruk vs Chris Simon

The second fight was with Darren Reid vs Aaron Asham. It was all Asham in this one as Reid couldn't get started and Asham finished him pretty quick. In the Coyotes-Oilers game there were three hockey fights, with Nick Boynton getting into two of them. The first fight was between tough guys Josh Gratton and Zack Stortini going at it. Gratton got some good shots on Stortini as Stortini looked like he couldn't handle Gratton. Decision to Gratton. The next fight was between Nick Boynton and Jason Smith. Not much of a fight here, but Boynton stood up for a teammate and went at Smith. Later in the game Jean-Francois Jacques got some revenge for Smith by fighting Boynton and pounding him. Jacques landed at least two big shots that sent Boynton down to the ice and slowly skated to the dressing room. Jacques has had two big fights recently and winning both, against Tollefsen and now Boynton.

Two other fights took place last night. Blue Jackets' Jason Chimera took on Avalanche' Jeff Finger with Chimera getting the edge in that one. In the Red Wings-Blackhawks game there was actually a fight. Brett Lebda and Mikael Holmqvist dropped the gloves and tried to fight but not much happened there.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Penguins and Lightning throw down with three fights

On Sunday there were five fights, and three of those were in the Penguins-Lightning game. So I'll start off with that game. The first fight was between Ryan Malone and Cory Sarich. At center ice they fight and grapple for position. Sarich gets his right loose and throws two big rights that gets Malone off balance and they both soon go to the ice. I give the edge to Sarich in that fight. Watch their fight below. The second fight was between Maxime Talbot and Nick Tarnasky. They meet in the area between the benches and Talbot gives Tarnasky a good shoulder hit. Tarnasky doesn't like it because it looked a little high. They go at it and Tarnasky whales away on Talbot as Talbot can't keep his balance. Talbot goes down to the ice and Tarnasky keeps throwing punches until the linesmen get in there to separate them. Decision goes to Tarnasky in that fight. At the end of the Penguins-Lightning game, Maxime Talbot and Nick Tarnasky have another go but it was all wrestling as when the camera got there they were down on the ice, with Tarnasky on top trying to throw punches, but the linesmen came flying in to break them up quickly.

Ryan Malone vs Cory Sarich

In the Predators-Blue Jackets game, Jordin Tootoo and Adam Foote had a little dust-up. They did drop the gloves but it was mostly wrestling. Tootoo did manage to throw a good looking uppercut but I don't know if it landed. After the fight in the penalty box Foote looked to have a cut on his forehead, which could have been caused from his helmet.

Sabres vs Senators rematch on Saturday

Saturday night had the rematch that everyone was looking forward to. Although it didn't have another line brawl, it had some more rough stuff including two spirited hockey fights. The first was between Andrew Peters and Brian McGrattan. Wade Redden put down a Sabres player with a good hit and Peters came over to Redden and they had some words. McGrattan came over to Peters and they dropped the gloves and had a heavyweight bout. I would give it a draw, Peters landed a big punch at the start of it and McGrattan came back at the end. Watch the video below of this fight. Later in the second period a Sabres player hit a Senators player. Chris Neil didn't like that and went at the Sabres player and pushed him. The Sabres player looked like he exaggerated the push as he threw his body backwards onto the ice, which brought Adam Mair over to Neil. Neil and Mair got a hold of each other and Neil dropped the gloves. Mair then dropped his gloves and they went at it. Not many punches landed by either guy and I gave that one a draw.

Andrew Peters vs Brian McGrattan

In the Sharks-Flames game, Mark Bell and Wayne Primeau had a fight where Bell landed a big punch that cut Primeau over his right eye. Win to Bell in that one. In the Capitals-Devils game, John Erskine and Cam Janssen had a long fight where both guys traded punches. I gave that one a draw because there was no clear winner. In the Avalanche-Kings game, Ian Laperriere and Tom Kostopoulos had a quick non-eventful fight where not many punches were thrown as they had balance issues. Laperriere now has 15 fighting majors and leads the NHL in that stat. As of right now Andrew Peters is second on that list with 14 fighting majors. Cam Janssen and George Parros are tied for third with 13 fighting majors.

In the Blue Jackets-Rangers game we had another heavyweight fight between Jody Shelley and Colton Orr. Shelley wanted to go as he gave Orr the stick so they dropped the gloves and right away Orr threw some big rights that looked to stun Shelley for a second. They exchanged punches, both getting shots in on each other, but Orr got the better as after the fight Shelley had blood on his nose. That fight was Orr's 12th fight was of the season and Shelley's 11th fight of the season. Watch the video of this heavyweight fight below.

Jody Shelley vs Colton Orr

Monday, February 26, 2007

More fight wrap-ups, Thursday and Friday

Besides the Senators-Sabres line brawl on Thursday (February 22nd) there were some other good hockey fights. In the Oilers-Blue Jackets game there were two decent fights. The first one was between Mathieu Roy and Jody Shelley. It started because Shelley layed out an Oiler player with a good shoulder check. The Oiler player was down and looked to be in real pain. Roy came right over and dropped the gloves with Shelley. Good response by Roy, but I wouldn't give him the edge in the fight though. But he showed up and that's what counts. The second fight was between Jean-Francois Jacques and Ole-Kristian Tollefsen. Tollefsen roughed up an Oilers player and then challenged him to go but the Oiler player declined. The Oiler play then went to the bench for a line change and off the bench came Jacques who challenged Tollefsen right away. They went at it pretty good with Jacques getting in some good shots. I give the edge to Jacques in that fight. In the Flyers-Hurricanes game Todd Fedoruk dropped the gloves with Tim Gleason. Fedoruk hits Ryan Whitney and then at the whistle Gleason comes over to Fedoruk and away they go. They both exchange punches, Gleason looked to get the better shots on Fedoruk. I give the edge to Gleason in that one. Fedoruk still has not won a fight since he has been injured against Derek Boogaard.

On Friday there was only one fight and it was Bruins' Jeremy Reich vs Lightnings' Nick Tarnasky. They dropped the gloves off a faceoff and went at it. They both exchanged punches in close to each other. Reich I think caught a punch from Tarnasky and then lost his balance and fell down. I gave the edge to Tarnasky in that one. But I think you could also call it a draw.

I'll get to the hockey fights that happened on Saturday and Sunday later today hopefully.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Senators vs Sabres line brawl

Thursday night we had some old-time hockey with a 6 on 6 line brawl between the Ottawa Senators and the Buffalo Sabres. The Senators did not have their enforcer Brian McGrattan in the lineup for this game, too bad because it would have made it even better. Anyways back to Thursday's game. Here's what happened first. Senators' Chris Neil layed out Sabres' star Chris Drury with a clean looking hit but it did appear to be late. Drury was lying on the ice and blood was visible on the ice. It was said that he had a deep cut on his forehead. Sabres' Drew Stafford went after Neil and they dropped the gloves in a short fight that Neil had the edge in.

On the next faceoff, the puck is dropped, Mair goes at Jason Spezza, cross-checking him and trying to get him to fight. Sabres' enforcer Andrew Peters goes after Dany Heatley. Everybody joins the pile up with Mair and Spezza besides Peters, Heatley and the goalies. Ray Emery and Martin Biron shed the masks and gloves. They meet and exchange punches. Emery won that one. After that, Peters is making his way to the penalty box (where Emery and Biron were). Peters and Emery get together, grab each other and start exchanging punches. It was mostly Peters throwing punches at Emery. After everyone is broken apart from each other the camera focuses on the benches with the coaches, Lindy Ruff and Brian Murray screaming and swearing at each other. Ruff tries to make his way to Murray but can't get to him as he slips between the benches where Sabres TV guy Rob Ray is standing and enjoying the verbal war between Ruff and Murray.

View the videos of the Chris Neil hit and the line brawl below. Wow what a line brawl that was. The first one this year I believe (I may be wrong about that). These two teams play Saturday night and look for McGrattan to be dressed and in the lineup for that game. Hopefully Gary Bettman doesn't ruin things and suspend Mair and/or Peters and/or Neil. If you want fans to watch the games, there needs to be more of this kind of action.

Does anyone think that Neil's hit on Drury was dirty? What was Murray thinking by putting out all of the skilled players, and not any tougher Senators before that line brawl ensued? Do you think Peters should have not fought Emery? Anyone think any of these guys will be suspended for Saturday's game? I hope not!

Chris Neil lays out Chris Drury and then fights Drew Stafford

Next faceoff after the Neil hit on Drury, Mair goes after Spezza, Peters goes after Heatley, Emery vs Biron, then Peters fights Emery

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Eastern rivalries - Flyers vs Sabres and Rangers vs Devils

Tuesday night was pretty good with three fights that night. In the Flyers-Sabres game, R.J. Umberger tried to get some revenge on Brian Campbell from the big hit from last years' playoffs. Umberger instigated the fight with Campbell and got in some good shots. After the fight in the penalty box Campbell had an ice bag on his mouth. Decision to Umberger in that one.

Later in the first period of that game Todd Fedoruk and Andrew Peters had an uneventful fight. Fedoruk looked like he was trying not to get punched in the fight. Since his return from the injury he received from Derek Boogaard, Fedoruk hasn't looked good in his two fights (against Andre Roy and now Peters). In both of them he looked to be hesitant of throwing punches, and looked to be afraid of getting hit with a punch. I would give this one a draw since both guys didn't throw much or land much at all.

In the Rangers-Devils game there was some rough stuff, including Sean Avery and goalie Martin Brodeur exchanging shoves. In the third period Colton Orr and Cam Janssen finally dropped the gloves and went at it. Orr and Janssen exchanged punches but Orr looked to land more. At the end Orr looked to land a shot on Janssen and either Janssen slipped and fell down, or Orr's punch sent him down.

Colton Orr vs Cam Janssen
Colton Orr vs Cam Janssen

Catching up on hockey fights earlier this week

Time to catch up on the hockey fights that happened earlier this week. On Sunday there were two hockey fights. In the Blackhawks-Rangers game Martin Lapointe put a pounding on Ryan Hollweg. Decision to Lapointe in that fight. In the Sharks-Stars game, Kyle McLaren layed out Hagman with a good hard check. A little later Stars' tough guy Krys Barch challenged McLaren and they went at it. McLaren looked to get the better slightly in that one. I would give a slight edge to McLaren in that fight.

On Monday there was only one hockey fight but it was a spirited one. In the Bruins-Flyers game, Paul Mara and Mike Richards got into a scrum. Then later in the game, off a faceoff after a Bruins' goal, they throw down the gloves and go at it. They both exchanged some good punches. I would give Mara the edge, maybe call this a draw. Either way it was a good fight between two guys who don't fight that much, although this was Richards second fight in as many games. Watch the Mara-Richards fight below.

Paul Mara vs Mike Richards

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rivalries are building back up it seems

Last night we had some old-time hockey with passion and intensity in the games. Most of the games this season have lacked just that. With the playoffs coming teams are playing for their playoff lives.

I have only seen the Flyers-Rangers and Bruins-Sabres fights from last night so I can only comment on those bouts right now. In the Flyers-Rangers game, Mike Richards and Sean Avery went at it after Todd Fedoruk was nailing every Ranger in sight. I gave that one a draw. Later in the game Alexandre Picard fought Aaron Ward with Ward throwing most of the punches, if not all of them. Ward got the decision in that one, but he also hurt his hand in that fight.

In the Bruins-Sabres there were two fights with Jeremy Reich vs Adam Mair, and Andrew Ference vs Jochen Hecht. Both scraps were spirited and both looked to be draws. I might give an edge to Reich in his fight but Mair landed some at the end of the fight. Hecht landed one huge punch on Ference, but that was after Ference layed a bunch of consecutive punches on Hecht's noggin.

You can download fight clips of both of those fights here. You can watch the videos below:

Jeremy Reich vs Adam Mair

Andrew Ference vs Jochen Hecht

Update on 02/21/07 at 11:58 PM
I finally got to see the other hockey fights from Saturday night. There were quite a few. The Devils-Islanders game had three fights. First was Cam Janssen and Aaron Asham in a spirited punch-fest. I give that one a draw, watch the video below.

Cam Janssen vs Aaron Asham

Next in the Devils-Islanders game was Mike Rupp vs Drew Fata. Rupp didn't want to fight Chris Simon so he took on the smaller Fata and wailed away on him. Rupp gets the decision in this one, but loses respect by not going with Simon when Simon challenged him. Then there was Chris Simon taking out his frustration on Devils' defenseman Mark Fraser. Simon gets his left hand going and pounds Fraser.

In the chippy and feisty Kings-Ducks game there were a lot of scrums and pushes and shoves, and only one fight occurred in that game. Tom Kostopoulos and Shane O'Brien went at it in a quick bout which had no clear winner. The Lightning and Panthers have had some battles this season and it seems to be turning into a real rivalry. There were two ok fights in their game on Saturday. First there was Nick Tarnasky and Steve Montador going at it in not much of a fight as Montador lost his balance. Later in the game Andre Roy and Alexei Semenov dropped the gloves in a quick fight with Semenov getting in a few good shots on Roy. I would give the edge to Semenov, maybe a draw.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

D.J. King gets another win

Last night there was only one hockey fight and it was a good one with the Blues' rookie tough guy D.J. King going at it with Predators' tough guy Darcy Hordichuk. King got the edge over Scott Parker earlier this week and on Friday I would give him the edge in his fight against Hordichuk. Watch the fight below and give me your thoughts.

D.J. King vs Darcy Hordichuk

Friday, February 16, 2007

Three good fights, one veteran teaches a rookie

There were three hockey fights last night and they were all pretty good and entertaining. The best fight though from last night was Sabres' enforcer Andrew Peters vs Oilers' rookie tough guy Zack Stortini. Peters had the upper hand during the entire fight and threw some bombs. Stortini managed to wrestle Peters down to the ice to stop the beating he took. Win to Peters in their bout. View the video of the fight below.

In the Rangers-Hurricanes game, Ryan Hollweg had a fight against Mike Commodore. Commodore was winning at the start of the fight but Hollweg came back at the end to give this one a draw, maybe slight edge to Hollweg. In the Ducks-Coyotes game, I was hoping for Georges Laraque or Josh Gratton to fight a Ducks player but that did not happen. Instead Ducks' defenseman Francois Beauchemin and Coyotes defenseman Nick Boynton dropped the gloves and had a good fight. Not many punches seemed to land but both guys were throwing. I gave that fight a draw.

Zack Stortini vs Andrew Peters

Andrew Peters vs Zack Stortini
Andrew Peters vs Zack Stortini

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Janssen vs Murray, bout of the night

We had some action last night with four hockey fights. Blues' Matt Walker and Blue Jackets' Jody Shelley had an ok fight, with both guys trading punches in close. I give that one a draw. In the Panthers-Senators game, Chris Gratton and Mike Fisher dropped the gloves and went at it. I would maybe give an edge to Fisher in this fight because he looked to land a few. Fisher though had his helmet/with a shield on so it looked like Gratton was trying to be careful when to throw a punch so he didn't mess up his hands. Fisher looked like he tried to take off his lid when the fight started, but he just undid the strap I think. I think he should have took it off, don't fight with a shield on. In the Canadiens-Devils game, Garthy Murray and Cam Janssen dropped the gloves and had a good fight. I would give a slight edge to Janssen in this one. Also Stephane Veilleux of the Wild fought Canucks' Josh Green, but I have not seen this fight yet.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Some Tuesday night hockey action

On Tuesday there were 5 hockey fights. In the Oilers-Bruins game, Jeremy Reich and Matt Greene had a go and Reich won that one decisively with Greene going down (either slipping or getting hit with a punch). In the Sharks-Blues game there were two fights. First the light/middle-weight bout between Ryane Clowe and Jamal Mayers. I gave that one a draw because neither guy seemed to land any punches. Then later Scott Parker and rookie D.J. King dropped the gloves off a faceoff and went at it. King got in some good shots on the veteran Parker and I would give the decision to King. Watch the Parker-King fight below.

Scott Parker vs D.J. King

In the Thrashers-Flames game there were two fights. The first one was Eric Boulton vs Eric Godard with Godard getting the win over Boulton. Boulton looked over-matched in this one. At the end of the fight Boulton had a bloody nose. Later on in that game Garnet Exelby fought new Flame Wayne Primeau. This was a draw.

Eric Boulton vs Eric Godard

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Notta last night, Emery's slash on Lapierre

Nothing happened last night. My buddy Adam (of Adam's Hockey Site) added a YouTube video clip of the Ray Emery slash on Maxim Lapierre on his hockey forum. View the YouTube video below. You can also download the clip from Adam's Hockey Forum.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Ronald Petrovicky knocks out Kris Newbury

Not much happened yesterday, just one fight with Blue Jackets' Manny Malhotra and Blackhawks' Troy Brouwer. Brouwer gets the decision in that fight.

I haven't seen the Ronald Petrovicky knocking out Kris Newbury fight until now. All I can say is wow what a punch by Petrovicky, and I hope Newbury is ok and is able to come back. There is an update on Kris Newbury in an article on TSN. He seems to be doing better than what most of us thought.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Saturday was another good day for hockey fights

Another good Saturday with tons of hockey action. There were a total of 7 hockey fights last night. Most notably was the fight between Penguins' Ronald Petrovicky and Maple Leafs' Kris Newbury. Petrovicky sent Newbury down to the ice with a punch and Newbury hit his head on the ice. Newbury had to be carried off the ice on a stretcher. I don't know if he was out before hitting his head on the ice or not. I have not seen the fight yet but have heard from several people what happened.

In the Ducks-Stars game Shawn Thornton and Krys Barch went at it off a faceoff early in the game. They both traded punches but not much looked to land. I gave this one a draw. Watch the fight below.

In the Rangers-Capitals game Ryan Hollweg got his second fight in his second straight game as he took on Brian Sutherby because Sutherby bumped into the Rangers goalie. It was mostly Sutherby in this fight as he threw some good shots, but only one or two looked to land. Decision to Sutherby. Later in the game off a faceoff Colton Orr challenged Donald Brashear and they dropped the gloves. Orr started throwing rights as Brashear tries to tie up Orr. Brashear puts the bear hug move on as usual, then gets Orr of balance and throws lefts as Orr falls to the ice. This was also Orr's second fight in his second straight game. I would give this a slight edge to Brashear.

Colton Orr vs Donald Brashear

In the Senators-Canadiens game Chris Neil and Mike Komisarek had a short fight. Komisarek threw a punch and then Neil wrestled him to the ice and threw two punches on their way down. I give this fight a draw. In the Kings-Predators game Tom Kostopoulos and Sheldon Brookbank fought and exchanged some punches. I give that one a draw. Also in this game Derek Armstrong and Vernon Fiddler went at it. Not much of a fight as they went down fast. This one was also a draw.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Colton Orr provides punch for Rangers and more

Last night one of my favorite tough guys had a good game. New York Rangers' Colton Orr scored a goal, the first in his career and also got into a fight in the game against Tampa Bay Lightning' Andre Roy. Colton Orr won this fight and is now 2-0 against Roy in his career. When Orr was with the Boston Bruins he fought Roy, who was with the Pittsburgh Penguins, and literally broke his face. On Saturday I'm hoping for a Orr vs Brashear matchup.

Also in the Lightning-Rangers game there was a short uneventful fight with Ryan Craig and Ryan Hollweg going at it. I would give it a draw. In the Blackhawks-Oilers game Martin Lapointe and Zack Stortini got into a fight but they held each other close and traded noogie shots before Lapointe threw Stortini down to the ice. I would give that fight a draw.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Scott Walker throwing down

Yesterday there were only two hockey fights. In the Hurricanes-Bruins game, Scott Walker went after Andrew Alberts after Alberts tripped him and they were slugging it out for a little bit there. That was a good fight, which seemed to spark the Hurricanes as they scored 4 unanswered goals against the Bruins after that fight. I would give a slight edge to Walker. The other fight was in the Maple Leafs-Predators game, with Kris Newbury vs Sheldon Brookbank. I would give that fight a draw because neither guy looked to have an edge in that fight.

Scott Walker vs Andrew Alberts
Scott Walker vs Andrew Alberts

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Scott Parker and George Parros rumble again

Last night there were only two fights. Sharks' Scott Parker had a rematch with Ducks' George Parros, which turned out to be better than Tuesdays' fight they had. Still nothing looked to cleanly land but at least it lasted for longer than 10 seconds. I gave their fight a draw. The other fight that happened last night was between Canucks' Kevin Bieksa and Blackhawks' Karl Stewart. It was all Bieksa in that one as Bieksa had a good hold on him and Stewart looked to be tied up with his jersey. Bieksa threw some bombs that missed Stewart, if he would have caught him, Stewart would have went down. Bieksa I believe still has not lost a fight in the NHL in his career.

Woops excuse me, as I look at Kevin Bieksa's NHL fight card it looks like he has one loss and that came in the pre-season this year against the Ducks' Travis Moen. So Bieksa is 7-1-3 so far in his NHL career in fighting. That's pretty good.

Karl Stewart vs Kevin Bieksa
Karl Stewart vs Kevin Bieksa

Look at everyone in the stands on their feet watching Stewart and Bieksa go at it. And there are some that say people don't like fighting in the NHL. Hello, look at the picture, everyone is standing and watching. No one goes to get a hot dog when a fight is going on.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

9 fights on Tuesday, keep them coming!

Tuesday night had 9 fights and most of them were pretty good. First there was Bruins' Jeremy Reich in his second game with the Bruins, he got into a fight with the Capitals' Ben Clymer. Reich dominated that fight but nothing looked to cleanly land. Decision goes to Reich. In the Blue Jackets-Coyotes game there was some rough stuff with Nick Boynton and Jody Shelley trying to get at each other with a linesman between them. Then Zenon Konopka and Owen Nolan fought in a short spirited bout. Nolan went down, I think he slipped and didn't go down because of a punch from Konopka.

In the Hurricanes-Canadiens game Andrew Ladd and Craig Rivet had a pretty good scrap. Both guys threw some bombs, the better coming from Rivet. I would give the edge to Rivet in their fight. See a video of the fight below. In the Penguins-Predators game Darcy Hordichuk layed out Alain Nasreddine with a huge hit and Maxime Talbot skated right over to Hordichuk and they dropped the gloves and Talbot mostly hugged and held on for dear life. He must have remembered last season when Hordichuk beat his ass.

In the Kings-Lightning game, Raitis Ivanans and Andre Roy dropped the gloves and went at it. Roy got in an early shot and Ivanans came back late in the fight. I would give this one a draw. In the Canucks-Oilers game, Jeff Cowan and Zack Stortini dropped the gloves off a faceoff
and went at it. Not much of a fight with them in close. I call that one a draw. In the Blackhawks-Flames game, Dion Phaneuf hit a Blackhawks player and Brent Seabrook went over and challenged Phaneuf and they dropped the gloves. I would give the edge to Phaneuf.

The last two fights were Avalanche' Ian Laperriere vs Panthers' Steve Montador and Sharks' Scott Parker vs Ducks' George Parros. I didn't see the Laperriere vs Montador fight yet. The Parker vs Parros fight I would call a draw because not much happened as Parros lost his balance and went down quick. Parker did throw a late punch but I don't think it landed. Last night was a busy night for hockey fights. Hopefully more nights have a lot of fights like Tuesday night did.

Andrew Ladd vs Craig Rivet

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Saturday night had fight fever

What a night last night was. There were 8 hockey fights in 14 games last night. Yesterday I wrote about maybe a heavyweight title bout against the Coyotes' Georges Laraque, but we didn't get it last night because the Minnesota Wild scratched Derek Boogaard, so we were robbed of seeing a Boogaard-Laraque fight. Word is that Boogaard either has the flu and that is why he was scratched, or he was scratched by Jacques Lemaire because Lemaire was upset with Boogaard who fought Laraque in their last meeting, which turned around the game.

We'll start off with the Edmonton Oilers-Colorado Avalanche game which had two fights. First Ian Laperriere layed out Ladislav Smid with a good check. Matt Greene didn't like it so he went right after Laperriere and they went at it. Not much of a fight though, it was all wrestling really. The second fight did not include Laperriere for the Avs, what a surprise right? Finally, somebody else on the Avs stood up and dropped the gloves besides Laperriere. Mark Rycroft bumped Oilers' goalie Dwayne Roloson and Ladislav Smid didn't like it, so they exchanged some shoves and nods and off came the gloves. Smid threw all the punches in this fight, nothing looked to cleanly land, but win to Smid in this fight.

In the Los Angeles Kings-Florida Panthers game there were also two fights. The first fight was between Tom Kostopoulos and Chris Gratton. I would give the decision to Gratton in their short bout as he dominated it. Then the guy everyone loves to hate, Sean Avery, got into a fight with Gregory Campbell. I would call that fight a draw.

In the Anaheim Ducks-Nashville Predators game there was action near the end of the game with two fights. First there was Sean O'Donnell and Scott Hartnell going at it in a short fight with O'Donnell mostly getting in shots. Then off to the side while O'Donnell and Hartnell are being broken up by a linesman, Travis Moen and Shea Weber decide to go. Half-way through their fight Weber gets the jersey over Moen's head and Moen throws a blind punch that lands right on Weber's chin that sends Weber down to the ice. Weber was stunned and needed help to get up and off the ice. Wow what a punch by Moen. You got to see that punch, view the video below.

In the Dallas Stars-St. Louis Blues game Krys Barch was back at it again. Barch layed out Ryan Johnson with a big check and Matt Walker came right over to him and away they went. It was a good fight but nothing looked to cleanly land on either player. I would give that fight a draw. Later in the game Barch layed out Blues' Captain Dallas Drake with a good check and Ryan Johnson went after Barch and they had a quick go. It was mostly Barch in that fight and decision to Barch, but good to see Johnson stand up for a teammate (the Bruins should watch that and take a note).

In the Vancouver Canucks-Calgary Flames game Jeff Cowan tried to get Eric Godard to go but Godard kept his gloves on as Cowan dropped them. At that same moment Alex Burrows and Byron Ritchie were getting into it. They dropped the gloves and had a spirited bout with Ritchie getting the upper hand. Decision to Ritchie in their fight. View the video of their fight below.

O'Donnell vs Hartnell and Moen vs Weber

Alex Burrows vs Byron Ritchie

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Heavyweight title on the line tonight

Georges LaraqueDerek BoogaardThe NHL heavyweight title could be on the line tonight when the Minnesota Wild and Phoenix Coyotes play later tonight. Most hockey fight fans know Georges Laraque holds the title right now and Derek Boogaard is probably #2 in the league and he'll get his chance tonight to take the title from Laraque. Hopefully they both are playing in the game tonight. These two have fought before 4 times and Laraque is 3-0-1 against Boogaard. Boogaard has suffered losses in two of his last three fights (against Laraque on 11/14 and against Godard 1/9). Godard showed us all that Boogaard is human just like every other fighter in the NHL. We'll see what happens tonight.

Two fights for Eric Godard

Friday night only had two games and we all knew that the Detroit Red Wings-St. Louis Blues game was not going to have any hockey fights. There were some small scrums in that game but nothing turned into a fight. The Columbus Blue Jackets-Calgary Flames game was what every true old-time hockey fan likes to see. There was hitting, passion, intensity, cheapshots, scrums, retaliation, and fighting. In the first period Eric Godard and Jody Shelley went at it after a scrum in front of the net after Zenon Konopka crashed into Mikka Kiprusoff. I would call that fight a draw even though I think Godard landed more.

Then in the second period Eric Godard instigated a fight with Zenon Konopka because a little earlier Konopka hit Jarome Iginla. The hit looked like Konopka hit Iginla's knee, and Iginla just came back from a knee injury and the Flames need their Captain. So Godard being a team player and knowing his role knew what he had to do. Godard got the win in his fight against Konopka.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Six fights in six different games

Thursday night had quite a few hockey fights which made me happy. There were six in total and they all happened in different games. First there was the Devils' David Hale and the Flyers' Ben Eager going at it with Eager getting the decision in that fight.

Then there was two surprise fighters going at it in the Bruins-Sabres game. The Bruins have been playing bad and haven't been showing any kind of team-play (sticking up for each other) and in this second game in a few days against the Buffalo Sabres, Bruins' fans were waiting to see what they would show tonight. They came out hitting and playing with intensity and in the second period a spirited bout took place. Bruins' Brad Boyes got into a fight with Sabres' Toni Lydman and Boyes bloodied Lydman pretty good. It was good to see some Bruin player stand up and beat the crap out of someone. See video below of this fight.

In the Predators-Coyotes game, Hordichuk and Laraque had a fast paced fight with both guys throwing wild punches. I gave the decision to Laraque in that fight. In the Lightning-Hurricanes game, Andre Roy and Tim Gleason dropped the gloves but not much happened in that fight. In the Canadiens-Penguins game Colby Armstrong absolutely decked Canadiens Captain Saku Koivu with a clean check and Sheldon Souray went right after him. Not much of a fight but good to see a player stand up for his Captain. Souray got the instigator and a game misconduct for that. View the video of the fight below.

The last fight of the night was between Sharks' Doug Murray and Stars' Krys Barch. This was a good spirited bout which started because Murray and Eric Lindros were roughing around before the fight and Murray challenged Lindros, but Barch flew right in at Murray and away they went.

Brad Boyes vs Toni Lydman

Sheldon Souray jumps Colby Armstrong