Friday, November 16, 2007

Mark Bell vs Milan Lucic

Toronto Maple Leafs' Mark Bell vs Boston Bruins' Milan Lucic on November 15, 2007. Total ownage by Lucic in this one.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Let them fight refs

Dammit the refs need to let two players fight if they want to fight. If you haven't seen the Lightnings' Nick Tarnasky KO'ing Panthers' Bryan Allen fight yet, well watch the YouTube video below. Tarnasky injures Mike Van Ryn with a hit and Allen goes after him and they look like they want to fight. But the linesmen jump in and try to separate them but don't and Tarnasky lands a shot right on Allen's chin that sends the big defenseman down to the ice. He looked like he was knocked out as if you watch his arms they stay stickin out and moving (reminds of when Colton Orr knocked out Todd Fedoruk and Fedoruk's arms stayed in the air for a second). If the linesmen didn't try to break them up this probably wouldn't have happened. They both wanted to fight. Allen was sticking up for his teammate. Just let them go!

Nick Tarnasky KOs Bryan Allen

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Big fights in past week

There were 28 hockey fights this past week (October 28-November 3) but I'll just talk about the best fights of the week. On Thursday, November 1st, in the Blues-Wild game people were hoping for D.J. King and Derek Boogaard to drop the gloves and oh they did. They had an ok fight with both guys landing punches. Two of King's punches looked to actually land on Boogaard's chin. But then Boogaard came back with some punches on King. I would give that fight a slight edge to Boogaard. Watch the YouTube video of this fight below.

D.J. King vs Derek Boogaard

Also on Thursday, Ducks' Travis Moen got to get some revenge on Blue Jackets' Jared Boll for his high hit on Moen. They had a long fight where I would give the edge to Moen. There were three fights in that Ducks-Blue Jackets game. In the Coyotes-Stars game on Friday, Josh Gratton knocked down Brad Winchester in a fight, which I talked about in my previous post. On Saturday night I surprised to see Devils' Mike Rupp drop the gloves with Rangers' enforcer Colton Orr. But he did and he did ok in a spirited fight. I gave that one a draw.

Another big fight with the Wilds' Derek Boogaard this past week. On Saturday, Flames' Eric Godard instigated a fight with Boogaard and they had an ok fight, not really like their previous fights. I gave Boogaard a slight edge in that fight.

Josh Gratton is back

On Friday, Phoenix Coyotes' Josh Gratton came back and came back with a bang! He dropped the gloves with Stars' Brad Winchester and knocked Winchester down with a punch. Good to see him back and getting into a fight already. Watch the knockdown below.

Josh Gratton vs Brad Winchester