Sunday, December 30, 2007

Saturday was fight night

Last night there were 12 fights in total. First, in the Flyers-Lightning game, Riley Cote and Andre Roy dropped the gloves and had a good fight. I gave that one a draw, maybe an edge to Roy. I posted the video in this post below. In the Kings-Avalanche game, Raitis Ivanans man handled Cody McLeod in their fight.

In the Capitals-Senators game, Donald Brashear turned down Brian McGrattan to a fight, but at the end of the second period Brashear challenged Chris Neil and they fought and Brashear just over-powered Neil.

In the Rangers-Maple Leafs game, enforcers Colton Orr and Wade Belak dropped the gloves with each other once again. Belak started out early with the edge (mostly because he instigated the fight) and then Orr came back and got Belak to go down. I'm giving the edge to Orr in this one. Watch it below in this post.

In the Devils-Islanders game, there were three fights including one surprise fight. The surprise fight was Mike Mottau vs Mike Comrie. Later in the game, we had David Clarkson vs Bill Guerin and Mike Rupp vs Andy Sutton.

In the Bruins-Thrashers game, there were two fights and both were ok, nothing great. First there was Jeremy Reich vs Chris Thorburn. Then after the Reich-Thorburn fight, off the next faceoff Shawn Thornton and Eric Boulton dropped the gloves and had a good square off but it didn't last long as they lost their balance and went down. In the Hurricanes-Blue Jackets game, Tim Gleason and Jared Boll fought.

In the Ducks-Flames game there were two fights. First there was Travis Moen vs Dion Phaneuf but it wasn't much of a fight as they fell down too soon. Second was late in the game, Corey Perry and Eric Nystrom fought while a big scrum was going on.

Riley Cote vs Andre Roy

Colton Orr vs Wade Belak

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Colton Orr lays out Matt Cullen

I just had to post this since it was a big hit. Last night Rangers' Colton Orr laid out Hurricanes' Matt Cullen with a big hit that looked to be a little high. After the hit Mike Commodore went after Orr but Orr managed to do well against him. Watch it all below.

Colton Orr hits Matt Cullen, then fights Mike Commodore

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy holidays and happy new year!

Happy Holidays to everyone from the NHL Hockey Fights Blog!

I think I will be away until the new year so have a Happy New Year as well! We're hoping for many more hockey fights in the coming year.

Don Cherry talks about Simon-Ruutu incident

I found this clip of Hockey Night in Canada with Don Cherry talking about the Chris Simon stepping on Jarkko Ruutu incident (see video below). And I have to kind of agree with him. These guys (players like Ruutu who do cheap/dirty/unsportsmanlike things) don't have any fear of being taken to task for what they do because of the instigator rule. If the instigator rule wasn't there I think you wouldn't see guys like Ruutu doing much of their stuff that they usually do, because then enforcers like Chris Simon could go after them and pound in their face, which Simon should have done anyways rather than trying to step/kick Ruutu.

What do you think?

Friday, December 21, 2007

Georges Laraque vs Zdeno Chara twice

Pittsburgh Penguins' Georges Laraque vs Boston Bruins' Zdeno Chara twice on December 20, 2007.

Sidney Crosby gets into his first NHL fight

Wow I thought I would never blog about Pittsburgh Penguins All-Star Sidney Crosby fighting someone, but Thursday night that's what happened in the Penguins-Bruins game. Sidney Crosby and Andrew Ference dropped the gloves but kept their visors on and had a quick fight. Crosby looked to get the better of Ference as after the fight Ference had a cut on his head and visible blood. Watch Sidney Crosby's first NHL fight below.

Sidney Crosby vs Andrew Ference

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chris Simon tries to cut Jarkko Ruutu

Wow Chris Simon has lost it again. He didn't use his stick this time, rather he used his skate. I only thought I would hear about a hockey player trying to hurt someone with their skate would be on that Adam Sandler movie Happy Gilmore, but on Saturday New York Islanders' Chris Simon kicked/stepped on the side of Jarkko Ruutu's skate, but it looked like he wanted to step on Ruutu's leg but missed. I know Ruutu is a pain in the ass, but you don't use your skate. Just drop your gloves and pound him into the ice or lay him out with a big check, but don't use your skate. I added the video below for you to watch to see for yourself. What do you think Simon was trying to do? And how many games do you think he'll get suspended for?

Chris Simon kicks/steps on Ruutu

Another replay of the incident

Friday, December 14, 2007

David Clarkson vs Milan Lucic

New Jersey Devils' David Clarkson vs Boston Bruins' Milan Lucic on December 13, 2007.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Scott Walker headbutts Mike Fisher

If you haven't seen it yet, watch below. Last night Hurricanes' Scott Walker and Senators' Mike Fisher got into a good spirited fight. Both guys were throwing bombs and landing them on each other. But it ended with Walker with a cut on his face and he headbutts Fisher.

Scott Walker vs Mike Fisher

Saturday, December 8, 2007

George Parros vs David Koci

There was a big heavyweight fight last night with Ducks' George Parros and Blackhawks' David Koci throwing bombs at each other. Koci left the fight with a bloody nose. I think Parros got the edge in that fight. Watch it below.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Jeremy Reich vs Francis Bouillon

Last night we had a spirited bout in the Canadiens-Bruins renewed rivalry game. Remember Bouillon was the Canadiens player that cheapshotted Aaron Ward. Bouillon gets the decision in this one, but Bruins fans bring up the point that Bouillon was wearing his visor. Watch the fight below.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Mark Bell vs Milan Lucic

Toronto Maple Leafs' Mark Bell vs Boston Bruins' Milan Lucic on November 15, 2007. Total ownage by Lucic in this one.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Let them fight refs

Dammit the refs need to let two players fight if they want to fight. If you haven't seen the Lightnings' Nick Tarnasky KO'ing Panthers' Bryan Allen fight yet, well watch the YouTube video below. Tarnasky injures Mike Van Ryn with a hit and Allen goes after him and they look like they want to fight. But the linesmen jump in and try to separate them but don't and Tarnasky lands a shot right on Allen's chin that sends the big defenseman down to the ice. He looked like he was knocked out as if you watch his arms they stay stickin out and moving (reminds of when Colton Orr knocked out Todd Fedoruk and Fedoruk's arms stayed in the air for a second). If the linesmen didn't try to break them up this probably wouldn't have happened. They both wanted to fight. Allen was sticking up for his teammate. Just let them go!

Nick Tarnasky KOs Bryan Allen

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Big fights in past week

There were 28 hockey fights this past week (October 28-November 3) but I'll just talk about the best fights of the week. On Thursday, November 1st, in the Blues-Wild game people were hoping for D.J. King and Derek Boogaard to drop the gloves and oh they did. They had an ok fight with both guys landing punches. Two of King's punches looked to actually land on Boogaard's chin. But then Boogaard came back with some punches on King. I would give that fight a slight edge to Boogaard. Watch the YouTube video of this fight below.

D.J. King vs Derek Boogaard

Also on Thursday, Ducks' Travis Moen got to get some revenge on Blue Jackets' Jared Boll for his high hit on Moen. They had a long fight where I would give the edge to Moen. There were three fights in that Ducks-Blue Jackets game. In the Coyotes-Stars game on Friday, Josh Gratton knocked down Brad Winchester in a fight, which I talked about in my previous post. On Saturday night I surprised to see Devils' Mike Rupp drop the gloves with Rangers' enforcer Colton Orr. But he did and he did ok in a spirited fight. I gave that one a draw.

Another big fight with the Wilds' Derek Boogaard this past week. On Saturday, Flames' Eric Godard instigated a fight with Boogaard and they had an ok fight, not really like their previous fights. I gave Boogaard a slight edge in that fight.

Josh Gratton is back

On Friday, Phoenix Coyotes' Josh Gratton came back and came back with a bang! He dropped the gloves with Stars' Brad Winchester and knocked Winchester down with a punch. Good to see him back and getting into a fight already. Watch the knockdown below.

Josh Gratton vs Brad Winchester

Friday, October 26, 2007

Zdeno Chara bloodies David Koci

Last night there was a major fight between two giants, Bruins' captain Zdeno Chara and Blackhawks' enforcer David Koci. What a fight it was, a bloody fight that is. Koci had an injured nose before the fight, but it got completely messed up in this fight as Chara busted him open badly. Watch the YouTube video of the fight below. It looked like they hit each other at the same time with a punch, and Chara went down to a knee and Koci was busted open. But after looking at it in different angles and reading other's opinions, Koci's punch did not land on Chara. Koci's face was covered with blood, as was the ice where they were fighting. Koci's foreheard looked really bloody, so maybe he was cut open on his forehead. Watch the fight below, download it here.

Zdeno Chara bloodies David Koci

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Georges Laraque vs Donald Brashear

This may be fight of the year now, with Penguins' Georges Laraque and Capitals' Donald Brashear dropping the gloves and dropping each other on the ice. What a fight they had tonight and I would give the edge to Brashear in this one, but I've been thinking this may be a draw. If the linesmen came in after Laraque knocked down Brashear twice, wouldn't Laraque get the win? But they didn't and Brashear knocked down Laraque with a punch and then the linesmen came in. Laraque got right back up so he wasn't hurt from it. So what would you call it? Who gets the win? Leave a comment on what you think. Watch the fight below, courtesy of a member on

Georges Laraque vs Donald Brashear

Post updated on 10/21/07 at 2:27PM
Below is another version of the fight, slightly different camera angle to watch the punches fly.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Rookie tough guy Lucic opens eyes

Bruins fans have been liking what they have been watching from rookie Milan Lucic. He can hit, fight, and even play hockey. Against the Kings Lucic had the Gordie How hat trick, recording his first NHL goal, assist, and point(s). He also had a fight with Kings' enforcer Raitis Ivanans. Last night Lucic fought Lightnings' Nick Tarnasky and got the win no doubt. Watch the fight below and download the fight clip here. Lucic just kept hammering his right and Tarnasky eventually went down. I hope this kid stays up in the NHL, he's bringing excitement back in hockey for Beantown.

Milan Lucic pounds Nick Tarnasky

Monday, October 15, 2007

Boogaard gets some revenge on May

Sunday night in the Wild-Ducks game we all knew something was going to happen but not sure who would fight who. We all knew Derek Boogaard was going to try and get Brad May to fight and avenge the May KO'ing Kim Johnsson incident in last year's playoffs series between the Wild and Ducks. I wasn't sure if May would drop the gloves with him but he did and hung in there for as long as he could. A little later Ryan Getzlaf handled Nick Schultz well. Even later, George Parros dropped the gloves with Boogaard after Boogaard crashed into Ducks' goalie Jean-Sebastien Giguere. Parros held his own and did better than I thought but I would give it a draw. You can watch and download these three fights on a post on Adam's Hockey Site Forum.

Image Hosted by
Brad May vs Derek Boogaard
AP photo

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fight of the year so far

Saturday night there quite a few fights including a KO, but I think we have fight of the year at the moment. In the Senators-Rangers game, Brian McGrattan and Colton Orr had a great heavyweight fight with both guys exchanging punches. Both guys looked like they landed punches on each other and both did not go down. It was a great fight that I would give the edge to McGrattan. Watch it below.

Brian McGrattan vs Colton Orr

Thanks to Adams Hockey Forum for the clip.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Tootoo gets what he dishes out

Yesterday Jordin Tootoo threw an elbow at a Coyote player and then Craig Weller went after him and clotheslined him. Tootoo stayed down on the ice and it looked like Weller wanted to pound his ass, but didn't because he was down and stayed there. So what Tootoo usually does to people now happens to him. Sometimes you get what you dish out and Tootoo surely did last night. Watch the YouTube video below.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Boulerice cheap shot on Kesler

There have been quite a few fights at the start of this season and yesterday we saw the first severe cheap shot of this season. Flyers' Jesse Boulerice lost it and cross checked Canucks' Ryan Kesler right in the face/jaw area. Kesler went down as Boulerice was ready to drop the gloves for Kesler or any Canucks player as the Canucks players came rushing in to get a piece of him. Watch the video below. Maybe now the Canucks will dress a tough guy/enforcer besides Jeff Cowan who isn't an enforcer. Don't be surprised if Boulerice is suspended for 20+ games.

Also in the YouTube video is Flyers' Ben Eager bumping into Canucks' goalie Curtis Sanford and everyone gets involved. Eager tries to beat the crap out of fairy pansy Matt Cooke, while R.J. Umberger and Jeff Cowan try to go.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Steve Downie hit on Dean McAmmond

Wow, if you didn't see it the other night watch the clip below. Of course I'm talking about the vicious cheap shot hit to the head of Senators' Dean McAmmond by Flyers' Steve Downie. After Downie hit McAmmond all of the Senators came in to pound Downie. Brian McGrattan got the most shots in it looked like, but Flyers' Jesse Boulerice came in to protect his teammate and threw some punches at McGrattan. Senators' Shean Donovan also tried to get some punches in, as Flyers' Sami Kapanen was trying to stop him. Watch the clip of the hit and scrum below.

Update on 9/28/07 at 3:45PM
Steve Downie has been suspended for 20 games by the NHL for his hit on Dean McAmmond. Read more

Preseason Rangers vs Islanders brawl

In case you missed it earlier this week, the Rangers and Islanders had a preseason games with lots of fights and even a line brawl with the goalies fighting as well. Rick DiPietro and Al Montoya dropped their goalie equipment and had a short fight. Check out the YouTube video below. The NHL season is almost here!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Stan Jonathan fights

Stan Jonathan wasn't the biggest guy but dam he knew how to fight and he did pretty good in his fights. Below is a compilation with some of his hockey fights.

Stan Jonathan bloodies Pierre Bouchard

Looking back at more past hockey fights again, here is a classic with Boston Bruins' tough guy Stan Jonathan bloodying the hell out of Montreal Canadiens' tough guy Pierre Bouchard. Bouchard is a mess after this fight with blood all over the place, and even on the linesman's face. Watch the video below.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Peca lays out Selanne

Looking back again, I don't know if many remember this incident but Michael Peca, then with the Vancouver Canucks, layed out Teemu Selanne of the Winnipeg Jets with a big time hit that gave Selanne a concussion. Watch it below.

Looking back at Probert vs Domi

Since it's the offseason and everyone is gearing up for the upcoming season I thought I would look back at maybe the best fighting rivalry in hockey, the one between Bob Probert and Tie Domi. They have had some real good fights and the two below are probably their best against each other. It's actually their first two fights against each other as well. Round 1 went to Domi, but Probert got revenge in round 2. Watch them below.

Bob Probert vs Tie Domi, Round 1, February 9, 1992

Bob Probert vs Tie Domi, Round 2, December 2, 1992

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tough guy Shawn Thornton signs with Bruins

Bruins' fans should be excited that the Bruins were able to sign tough guy Shawn Thornton. He was probably the most sought-after tough guy available. A lot of people I think underrate Thornton's fighting abilities. He is one of the very few that has edged Georges Laraque, who is the heavyweight champ in the NHL. Watch the video clip below of Shawn Thornton edging Georges Laraque back in 2004.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ducks win the Stanley Cup

The Anaheim Ducks have beat the Ottawa Senators and are the Stanley Cup champions. I love how the Ducks are built with the toughness that the entire team has and the heart they play with. Hopefully more teams follow what the Ducks did, bring in tough players who know how to play and play physical. This is hockey baby, not soccer. Ducks' captain Scott Niedermayer won the Conn Smythe Trophy as the Playoff MVP. Congratulations to the whole Anaheim Ducks organization.

Pronger and Neil, not so different

After game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals, Chris Neil called Chris Pronger a "backstabber" because Pronger was pushing around Senators and irritating them, and of course with the elbow/forearm to Dean McAmmond's head. But as Ducks' GM Brian Burke said, the worst hit in game 3 was the elbow to Andy McDonald's head after Neil's six full strides to get to McDonald.

Now earlier in tonight's game, game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals, Chris Neil came in late and hit/pushed Pronger in the head and now Pronger is not on the ice and isn't seen on the Ducks' bench, with probably a possible injury? So who's the backstabber now? You shouldn't criticize other players for playing the same way you do. Pronger and Neil both play a physical game and aren't afraid to mix it up when they have to. But come on Neil, stop bitching about Pronger when you do the same things out there.

Update at 8:55 PM
Chris Pronger has came back to the bench and on the ice for the Ducks later in the first period. So he looks like he is ok now.

Alfredson denies shooting puck at Niedermayer

Just a few minutes ago, Pierre Maguire on NBC had a short interview with Ottawa Senators' captain Daniel Alfredson, you know-the gutless puke that shot the puck at the Ducks' Scott Niedermayer at the end of the second period in game 4 of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Pierre Maguire asked Alfredson straight on if he shot the puck at Niedermayer and of course Alfredson denied it, but we all know he was lying. Even after the interview ex-NHL All-Star Brett Hull said that Alfredson was lying.

I had a lot of respect for Alfredson but after seeing that classless shit he did to Niedermayer and then sucker punches Travis Moen, I have no more respect for him. If you haven't seen Alfredson's chicken-shit classless move, watch it on the YouTube video below.

I guess what gets me the most is that Alfredson didn't get a penalty for shooting the puck at Niedermayer or for throwing a sucker punch at Moen right in front of a linesman. What's with that? Is it because he's known for his scoring and not physical play? Probably. Trust me, as I said in my last post, if that was Brad May or Shawn Thornton or Chris Neil shooting the puck at someone or throwing a sucker punch, then they would have been given a penalty, maybe a major and maybe even the game. But no, not for Alfredson. Is that special treatment? Yes it is. And it's bullshit!

The only other time I remember seeing someone shoot the puck at someone was in a game (I think it was a playoff game) between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers. Then, Flyers' defenseman Luke Richardson shot the puck at Penguins' defenseman Bob Boughner and it looked to hit Boughner near the collarbone/neck area. Boughner wasn't hurt, but he was pissed and a big scrum ensued. I believe Richardson got a penalty for that too.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Don Cherry on NBC says more fights

Don Cherry is the best and he knows hockey. He was just on NBC in the second intermission of game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals and Bill Clement and Brett Hull asked him about fighting in hockey. Don Cherry said that hockey should have more of it because it draws fans and will bring better ratings. I 100% agree with Don Cherry on this and so did Brett Hull.

The topic of fighting came up because at the end of the second period Ottawa Senators' captain Daniel Alfredson shot the puck intentionally at Ducks' captain Scott Niedermayer. Soon after that everyone tried to get at Alfredson. While he was behind a linesman and another Ottawa player, then he throws a gloved punch at Travis Moen. Real tough for Alfredson, what a classless piece of shit.

At the start of the third period they showed the referee talking to Alfredson. Where's the penalty? He wasn't given a penalty for shooting the puck at Niedermayer. Wow, what a joke! You know if a tough guy like Chris Neil or Brad May did something like that, they would probably get an intent to injure penalty and game misconduct, but no, not with Alfredson. Fuckin double standard.

Watch the video of the intermission with Don Cherry, Brett Hull, and Bill Clement talking about hockey needing fighting back in hockey on NBC. Bring back rock em, sock em!

Not many fights in playoffs

It's been a while since I've last posted. There hasn't been much since Flames' Dion Phaneuf and Red Wings' Todd Bertuzzi had their wrestling match. Although the Ducks' Shawn Thornton and Red Wings' Danny Markov had a short fight if you want to call it that. And in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals there was a big scrum with Senators' Mike Fisher and Ducks' Ryan Getzlaf going at it and Senators' Peter Schaefer and Ducks' Dustin Penner wrestling on the ice.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

More first round fights

Here are the rest of the hockey fights that happened during the first round of the playoffs. On April 17th, between the Thrashers and Rangers game, Ilya Kovalchuk and Sean Avery got into a fight and it was mostly Kovalchuk who threw the punches. Decision to Kovalchuk. That same day, in the Ducks-Wild game, Corey Perry and Brent Burns had a spirited bout with Burns getting the upper hand in their fight. Later in that game, Kent Huskins and Adam Hall had a wrestling match with Shawn Thornton jumping in there. And Brad May sucker punched Kim Johnsson.

On April 20th in the Lightning-Devils game, Andre Roy and Michael Rupp dropped the gloves and Rupp got the decision over Roy in a surprising fight. Then a little later, Nolan Pratt pounded on Jamie Langenbrunner with a lot of body shots. Decision to Pratt. On April 21st, in the Flames-Red Wings game, Dion Phaneuf and Todd Bertuzzi somehow got fighting majors when they really just wrestled. I give this a draw because nothing really happened in this one.

The second round of the playoffs started Wednesday night with no fights but I'm expecting there to be some before the round is over.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

NHL playoffs fights

Even though we're not deep into the playoffs there have been a few fights. This is a surprise to me and a good surprise. The Sharks-Predators series has been nasty as there have been cheap shots, fights, and now even coaches talking through the media about the series. Nice! This series so far has had Ryane Clowe vs Jordin Tootoo, Mike Grier vs Scott Hartnell, and Scott Hannan vs Jerred Smithson all happened at the same time. The best fight was between Clowe and Tootoo as after the fight Tootoo had a bloody nose. Watch the clip of these fights below.

Sharks vs Predators fights

In the Wild-Ducks series, so far there has been one fight with Brent Burns and Chris Kunitz. I gave that one a draw. In the Penguins-Senators series, there has been two fights. The first with Colby Armstrong and Mike Comrie going at it. I gave that one a draw as not much happened in it. Tonight, Dean McAmmond and Maxime Talbot had a spirited bout after Armstrong took out Patrick Eaves with a big hit. I gave the edge to McAmmond in that fight.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

End of season fights

The last fights of the regular season took place on Sunday. There were only two fights. In the Blackhawks-Stars game, Brent Seabrook and Steve Ott had a short fight where Ott was the only one who threw punches as he got Seabrook off balance and Ott got the takedown. Decision to Ott in not much of a fight.

In the Flames-Avalanche game, Dion Phaneuf layed out Tyler Arnason so Ian Laperriere went at Phaneuf and they dropped the gloves and had a spirited fight. Laperriere looked to have the edge in that one. Watch the YouTube video of that fight below.

Dion Phaneuf vs Ian Laperriere

I'm not expecting many fights in the playoffs, but maybe we'll get some, who knows.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Rookie Jack Johnson fights for respect

With the season winding down, on Saturday there were some hockey fights. In the Blackhawks-Red Wings game there was actually a fight. Patrick Sharp and Andreas Lilja had a spirited bout with Lilja landing two good punches on Sharp. Sharp also looked to land a punch but the decision goes to Lilja. In the Coyotes-Kings game there were three fights and rookie Jack Johnson was in two of them. First Daniel Carcillo and Jack Johnson dropped the gloves and had a spirited bout where both guys threw some nice punches, but the edge went to Carcillo. Jackson though showed up and threw punches back. Watch the YouTube video of this fight below.

Daniel Carcillo vs Jack Johnson

The next fight in the Coyotes-Kings game was between Josh Gratton and Raitis Ivanans. This fight happened because earlier Ivanans hit Keith Ballard into the boards and he fell awkwardly and was hurt. So Gratton and Ivanans dropped the gloves off a faceoff. Both guys exchanged punches but Ivanans used his reach to hold out Gratton and throw punches at him. The decision goes to Ivanans in this fight. Near the end of the game, Shane Doan hit Jamie Heward into the Kings goalie and Jack Johnson went at Doan, Doan immediately dropped his gloves and started throwing punches at Johnson. Heward jumps in and everyone tries to get in there. Even Curtis Joseph came down the ice but no line brawl took place. I agree with the Kings commentator in that what Doan did was cheap. There's no reason to hit a player into the goalie in the final minute of the last game of the season. I had a lot of respect for him but seeing that, I lost some.

In the Lightning-Thrashers game, Nick Tarnasky and Eric Boulton dropped the gloves and fought. I did not see this fight yet so I can't tell you about it. In the Ducks-Blue Jackets game, Ron Hainsey instigated a fight with Rob Niedermayer because Niedermayer boarded Zherdev. Not much of a fight, both guys threw some punches but nothing landed. I give this one a draw.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Only one fight: Eager vs Rupp

There was only one hockey fight last night and it was between Flyers' Ben Eager and Devils' Mike Rupp. This was their second fight with each other of the season. It wasn't much of a fight as Rupp tried to hold off Eager with his reach. They both managed to throw a few, Eager looked to throw more and Rupp got the takedown. I give this one a draw. Hopefully this weekend has some action, although it's near the end of the season so some teams may just be trying to stay healthy.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Sharks and Ducks battle it out

Last night the San Jose Sharks and the Anaheim Ducks played a gritty, playoff-like game that had a fight. The fight was between Ryane Clowe and Shawn Thornton. It started because Thornton hit Sharks' captain Patrick Marleau and Clowe came right over and dropped the gloves. Thornton then dropped his gloves and they tie each other up and both try and throw rights. They continue to try and throw punches, but both look exhausted. I give this one a draw. Watch the YouTube video of this fight below.

Ryane Clowe vs Shawn Thornton

Fights with some newbies

On Monday there was only on hockey fight with Blues' D.J. King vs the Stars' Krys Barch. This was a good fight with King mostly controlling the fight. Decision to King in that one.

On Tuesday, there were four fights. In the Bruins-Canadiens game Dennis Wideman and Guillaume Latendresse dropped the gloves in a spirited fight where neither guy looked to get the upper hand. I gave that one a draw. That was Latendresse's first in the NHL.

In the Oilers-Wild game, Zack Stortini and Derek Boogaard had a short fight as Stortini had the bear hug on Boogaard at the start of it. Then Boogaard got his right arm free and threw some big punches and then Stortini, knowing he's going to get pounded, grabs Boogaard's left leg and tries to send the big guy down by getting him off balance. But Boogaard doesn't go down, and then Stortini throws a quick right that looks to land, and then he falls to the ice. Boogaard then throws a couple at Stortini as they are both on the ice. The linesmen try and break them up as Boogaard looks pissed that Stortini tried that wrestling move on him. This wasn't much of a fight but if I had to give a decision, I would give it to Boogaard. You can watch the YouTube video of this fight below.

Zack Stortini vs Derek Boogaard

Later in the Oilers-Wild game, Patrick Thoresen and Branko Radivojevic had an ok fight for two guys who don't fight often. It was all Radivojevic at first but Thoresen threw a big right hand that looked to land. I would give this one a draw.

In the Blues-Coyotes game, David Backes and Keith Ballard had an ok good fight for guys who also don't fight often (although Ballard has fought before). I would give this one a draw, maybe a slight edge to Ballard. This was Backes' first NHL fight.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Battle of the agitators, Avery vs Tucker

I bet a lot of people wanted to see this fight go down and it did last night. I'm talking about Sean Avery vs Darcy Tucker of course, probably the two biggest agitators in the game today. They lined up against each other on a faceoff and they talked. After the puck was dropped, Tucker dropped his gloves but Avery turned his back to Tucker. Tucker goes at Avery, Avery turns around and finally drops the gloves. They then have a good fight with both guys landing some punches. It looked though that Tucker landed more and I would give him the decision. I don't like either of these guys but they know how to do their job. Watch the YouTube video of their fight below.

Darcy Tucker vs Sean Avery

In the Oilers-Blackhawks game Zack Stortini and Martin Lapointe had another fight, but this one wasn't a hugfest as their previous fight was. Off a faceoff Lapointe skated right over to Stortini and dropped the gloves. Stortini then dropped the gloves and Lapointe started throwing some big punches at Stortini. It was all Lapointe in the beginning but Stortini came back at the end. I would give Lapointe the win in this fight as he looked to land more punches.

Jarome Iginla can do it all

Saturday proved to be another good night for hockey fights with six fights. Before I get to Jarome Iginla let me get the other stuff out of the way. In the Thrashers-Bruins game, first Eric Boulton and Jeremy Reich dropped the gloves and had a rather quick fight with both guys not really landing much. Boulton lost his balance and Reich went down on the top of him. I would give that one a draw. Later in the game, Jim Slater hit Jeff Hoggan against the boards, Hoggan got up and went at Slater and challenged him. They dropped the gloves and had a spirited fight where both guys looked like they landed a few. I would give a slight edge to Hoggan, maybe a draw. Watch the YouTube video of their fight below.

Jim Slater vs Jeff Hoggan

In the Capitals-Lightning game there were two fights. First, Donald Brashear and Andre Roy had another fight. Roy and Brashear exchanged punches furiously, some missing and some looked to land. Good spirited bout with these two tough guys. I would give this one a draw. Brashear did skate away from the fight with a cut and blood on his forehead. Later in the game, Matt Bradley and Nick Tarnasky had a quick fight where not much was thrown and I gave that one a draw. In the Ducks-Blues game, we had a heavyweight fight with George Parros (with his famous mustache) against rookie tough guy D.J. King. Both guys threw a lot of punches and King's punches looked to land at the start of the fight. Parros came back with some too but I would have to give the decision to King. After the fight Parros had a bloody nose and there was blood all over the ice as well.

And now about Jarome Iginla. Iginla may be the closest thing to Cam Neely right now in the NHL. The guy can play the game, hit, score, and fight. He had a good fight against Canucks' Willie Mitchell on Saturday. I would give that fight a draw. Watch the YouTube video of the fight below.

Jarome Iginla vs Willie Mitchell

AHL flavor with Cote vs Janssen

On Friday, there were three fights. Devils' Cam Janssen and Flyers' Riley Cote had a good fight where both landed some big punches, but Janssen looked to land more. Decision goes to Janssen in this fight. They fought before in the AHL and this was Cote's first fight in the NHL during the regular season. Watch the YouTube video of their fight below.

Riley Cote vs Cam Janssen

Also on Friday, in the Coyotes-Sharks game, Josh Gratton had a fight with Douglas Murray. Murray surprised Gratton with some big punches but Gratton tried to come back but Murray tied Gratton up pretty good during the fight. I would give the edge to Murray. In the Lightning-Hurricanes game, Vincent Lecavalier layed out a Hurricanes player with a big hit and I think David Tanabe tried to go after Lecavalier. A big scrum ensues and Shane O'Brien goes after Tanabe and challenges him. They drop the gloves and it's all O'Brien in their fight as Tanabe is not a fighter. Decision to O'Brien as he threw most if not all of the punches in that fight.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Big fight with Parros vs Koci

Last night everyone was looking towards the Ducks-Blackhawks game because of their previous meeting where a couple of fights broke out. I thought the same would happen and I was semi-right with one good bout and a crap fight. First Brad May and Danny Richmond dropped the gloves off a faceoff and tried to fight but they both went down to the ice quickly. Not many punches thrown but it looked like May threw some. I have heard that his doctor told him not to fight because his shoulder couldn't take it, but last night it didn't look that way. Later in the game, George Parros and David Koci had a rematch and it was pretty good with Koci getting the edge. He looked to land some big punches and Parros also got some in there. Watch the YouTube video of the fight below.

George Parros vs David Koci

Also last night in the Hurricanes-Flyers game, Mike Commodore and Ben Eager dropped the gloves near the end of the second period but it wasn't much of a fight as both guys looked tired and only threw a few punches each. I give this one a draw.

Georges Laraque vs Donald Brashear

Well hockey fight fans were looking for the Georges Laraque vs Donald Brashear matchup on Tuesday night and we got it. The heavyweight title was on the line but the fight wasn't much as both guys got in some quick punches at the start but they went down quick. I give this fight a draw. View the YouTube video of the fight below.

Georges Laraque vs Donald Brashear

Also on Tuesday, in the Blue Jackets-Blues game, Jody Shelley and rookie D.J. King had an ok fight with King getting in a lot of jersey jabs and throwing most of the punches. Anyone else think Shelley has had an ok to bad year in fighting this year? He hasn't done as well as previous years. In the Oilers-Predators game there were two fights and Oilers veteran defenseman Jason Smith was in both of them. First Smith fought Ramzi Abid in a spirited bout with not many punches landing but both guys looked heated. Later in the game, Darcy Hordichuk layed out Smid with a hit and Smith came right in and they dropped the gloves. Both guys threw some punches and Hordichuk got the takedown at the end. Hordichuk's tiedown ripped and his jersey came off and for some reason the referees thought he wasn't tied down so they threw him out of the game. The television replays showed the tiedown so the referees messed up on that call. Maybe they threw him out because he's a tough guy?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Early week roundup, Red Wings get a fight!

This past Saturday was a slow night. Usually Saturdays bring a lot of rough stuff but not this time. There were only two fights. In the Thrashers-Penguins game, Keith Tkachuk and Maxime Talbot dropped the gloves but Talbot had no chance in this one as Tkachuk threw all the punches (none landed though). Decision to Tkachuk. The other fight of the night was a heavyweight bout between Derek Boogaard and Raitis Ivanans. It wasn't the slugfest that we all hoped for, but Ivanans showed he can hang in there with the "Boogieman." It looked like both guys didn't land any punches but they both threw quite a few. By the way I really hate those Minnesota Wild homer broadcasters. I know most if not all television broadcasters are homers but the Wild broadcasters are way over being homers and just plain old annoying at times. View the Boogaard-Ivanans fight below.

Derek Boogaard vs Raitis Ivanans

On Sunday there was only one fight, with Ian Laperriere and Jeff Cowan having a good bout. Laperriere won the start of the fight but Cowan came back at the end to give this one a draw.

On Monday the Detroit Red Wings actually had a fighting major. Andreas Lilja dropped the gloves with Travis Moen. He probably should have thought that one through as Moen threw most of the punches in their fight. Lilja did though look to land the first punch of the fight, but after that it was all Moen. Decision to Moen.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Some heavyweight fights in the past few days

On Thursday there were three fights. In the Sharks-Thrashers game Mark Bell and Jon Sim had a fight where Bell sent Sim down to the ice with a punch. No question decision goes to Bell. In the Senators-Panthers game Chris Neil and Steve Montador dropped the gloves and Montador landed a good left but Neil came back with some of his own punches. I would give this one a draw, maybe an edge to Montador. In the Blues-Wild game, heavyweights D.J. King and Derek Boogaard had a good fight with Boogaard getting the decision but King hung in there all he could.

On Friday there were two fights in the Kings-Blackhawks game. First Tom Kostopoulos and Danny Richmond had a fight where it was all Richmond. Then there was a heavyweight fight with Raitis Ivanans and David Koci going at it. I would give their fight a draw. Watch it below.

Raitis Ivanans vs David Koci

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Flyers-Rangers rivalry may be back

Besides the KO heard around the hockey fighting world, which I posted about last night after it happened, there were two others fights on Wednesday night. In the same Flyers-Rangers game as the Orr KO on Fedoruk, Orr took on Ben Eager in the first period as well. Orr didn't KO Eager, but it was Orr early and Eager late in the fight. I give that one a draw. You can view that fight below. So is the Flyers-Rangers rivalry heating back up in this new NHL? I believe they play again later before the season ends. Maybe the Flyers will bring up Riley Cote to take Fedoruk's spot if Fedoruk is unable to play again this season. Their next meeting should be interesting.

Ben Eager vs Colton Orr

In the Capitals-Sabres game, the two heavyweights had a rematch from their earlier fight this year where Peters nailed Brashear with some nice shots. But in this one it was all Brashear as he looked to overpower Peters, pulling him off balance and throwing punches as Peters tried to get loose. Decision to Brashear in this one.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Colton Orr KOs Todd Fedoruk

Wow I was watching the Flyers-Rangers game tonight and Todd Fedoruk and Colton Orr dropped the gloves and Orr knocked Fedoruk the **** out! What a right handed punch by Orr. It sent Fedoruk down to the ice and he looked to be knocked out. It took a second before Fedoruk looked to move. They took Fedoruk off on a stretcher but he seemed like he wanted to get up and go to the penalty box.

Adam's Hockey Site already has this clip up and you can download it on their fight clips page, and you can even watch a YouTube video of it below. Sweet!

Colton Orr KOs Todd Fedoruk

Fedoruk suffers yet another time being knocked down by a punch. Should he retire so he retains his health? I hope he is ok because I like him and he is tough but when you take two shots like he took this season (against Boogaard and now Orr), he should think about his life outside of hockey.

Earlier this week fight roundup

On Sunday there were just two fights. In the Lightning-Capitals game, Shane O'Brien and Matt Bradley fought in a spirited bout with O'Brien early and Bradley coming back at the end. I gave that one a draw. In the Coyotes-Stars game, Daniel Carcillo and Krys Barch dropped the gloves and had a round and round we go type of fight. They kept spinning throwing rights when possible. Then they got in tight and exchanged some more punches. It was a long fight that Carcillo looked to hurt his hand and didn't want anymore. They both tired out and the fight was over. Barch skated away with a cut above his left eye with blood dripping down the side of his face. I gave the edge to Barch, but I think you could call it a draw. Good fight nonetheless.

On Tuesday there were three fights, all coming in different games. In the Devils-Maple Leafs game everyone knew Cam Janssen would have to fight somebody because of his hit on Tomas Kaberle in an earlier game. Wade Belak was the one to call out Janssen and they had a long spirited bout with Belak looking to get the edge in that one. In the Blue Jackets-Blackhawks game, Danny Richmond and Manny Malhotra had a hugfest with no punches really being thrown. I was surprised they got fighting majors. In the Panthers-Flyers game, Gregory Campbell instigated a fight with Ben Eager. He shouldn't have done that because Eager gave it to him pretty good. Win to Eager in that one.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jordin Tootoo punches out Stephane Robidas

The big talk right now is about Nashville Predators' energy player Jordin Tootoo and his punch that knocked out Stephane Robidas of the Dallas Stars on Saturday night. On Monday Tootoo was suspended for 5 games for his punch. Here's what happened: Tootoo layed out Mike Modano which looked to be a hard clean check. It was clean, maybe could have been charging, but this is still hockey, players can hit each other. We all know Bettman wants ballerina dancing in hockey, but Tootoo says "NO!" and so do we fans of true hockey. Anyways, Tootoo lays out Modano with a clean check, Robidas looks to be coming in on Tootoo high with his arms, but before Robidas can get at Tootoo, Tootoo turned and fired a gloved right hand punch that sent Robidas down to the ice and down for the count as he was out. Watch the YouTube video of this incident below.

Jordin Tootoo knocks out Stephane Robidas

Make sure you catch Mike Modano's reaction to his teammate getting knocked out after he came in to protect Modano. Modano slashed at Tootoo's back, and then just stood there, backing away from Tootoo not wanting any piece of him. What a good teammate Modano is, he just had a teammate try and stand up for him and he did nothing to help Robidas. Geez, no wonder he lost the Captaincy in Dallas. Even Marty Turco and Trevor Daley came in to try and get at Tootoo but the linesmen made sure to break everything up before it got out of hand.

I think five games is too much, maybe two or three games is enough. What do you think? I think Robidas got what he deserved and Tootoo was protecting himself from getting knocked out himself. All Tootoo knows is that someone is going after him, so he better defend himself. Robidas should have blocked his face with his gloves because what a shot Tootoo gave him. Even Mark Messier on VS didn't think Tootoo should have been suspended. That's right Mark, you're right on, old-time hockey baby, let them play!

Saturday looked like fight night with 8 fights

This past Saturday again proved once again that Saturdays are fight night in hockey. In the Bruins-Rangers game there were three fights, with Jeremy Reich dropping the gloves twice. First there was Reich vs David Liffiton with maybe Liffiton getting the edge in that one. Later Chuck Kobasew and Ryan Callahan had a wrestling match which was a draw. Reich's second fight in the game was against Ryan Hollweg which was a good one. Both guys looked to land a few, but Reich got the better of Hollweg and I give the edge to Reich in that fight. View a nice picture below of their fight.

Jeremy Reich punches Ryan Hollweg
Jeremy Reich punches Ryan Hollweg

In the Hurricanes-Devils game, Craig Adams and Johnny Oduya had a spirited bout right off a center ice faceoff. Both guys exchanged punches and I give the edge to Adams, but I think it could be called a draw. In the Avalanche-Coyotes game, Mark Rycroft and Daniel Carcillo dropped the gloves in a spirited bout where Carcillo looked to land the only punches. Decision to Carcillo, who has played well since being called up by Gretzky and Co. In the Blue Jackets-Kings game, Dustin Brown layed out Klesla with a big hit and Alexander Svitov instigated a fight with him. I would give that one a draw, but Brown did have red marks on his face after the fight. In the Blues-Oilers game, Matt Walker and Jean-Francois Jacques dropped the gloves and had an ok fight where not much looked to land but they exchanged punches. I would give that one a draw, maybe edge to Walker.

In the Maple Leafs-Canadiens game Darcy Tucker and Francis Bouillon had a rematch where Bouillon had the edge early because he had his shield/helmet on. Decision/edge goes to Bouillon. He's really brave fighting with the shield on. A piece of Canadiens fairy trash. He's right there with fairy dive artists Mike Ribeiro and Andrei Markov. If you remember, earlier this season, Bouillon knocked down Tucker with one punch when Tucker wasn't ready and still had his gloves on. You can view that fight and their fight from Saturday night below.

Bouillon knocks down Tucker with a punch (12/02/06)

Tucker vs Bouillon (03/17/07)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Blackhawks and Ducks throw down the gloves

Friday night was a wild night for the Blackhawks and Ducks that is. They brought back some old-time hockey with four hockey fights in the game. The first fight was between heavyweights David Koci and George Parros. They both exchange right hands and grapple and then go down to the ice together. I give that one a draw as neither guy looked to land a solid punch. Later in the game Tuomo Ruutu looked to high-stick Andy McDonald, so Chris Kunitz dropped his gloves, grabbed Ruutu and started throwing punches at him. Ruutu turtled as Kunitz threw punches and didn't really hurt Ruutu at all. Later, Ryan Getzlaf and Danny Richmond dropped the gloves but it was all Getzlaf as Richmond waited to throw a punch and then he lost his balance and went down. Decision to Getzlaf in that fight. Then later in the game, something that hasn't happened in a while happened. On the faceoff, before the puck was dropped, David Koci and Sean O'Donnell had some words and gave each other pushes and sticks, and they dropped the gloves and threw punches furiously at each other. Koci with the better punches but O'Donnell got some in too, and Koci got the takedown as well. Decision to Koci in that fight. You can watch that fight below.

David Koci vs Sean O'Donnell

In the Rangers-Thrashers game, Colton Orr and Eric Boulton had a rematch from their first fight earlier this season with Orr knocking down Boulton with a punch. This time it was a closer fight with Orr having the edge early on and then Boulton came back with some punches. But I give the decision to Orr in that fight. In the Sabres-Lightning game, Andrew Peters and Andre Roy dropped the gloves. It was mostly Peters in this fight as it looked like Roy went down from a Peters punch.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Quick update for the past few days

On Monday there were three fights, two of them in the Oilers-Kings game. In the Oilers-Kings game, Brad Winchester and Scott Thornton went at it. It started because Winchester layed out a Kings' player and then Thornton came right over and went at Winchester. Later in the game, in the third period Brad Winchester went after Raitis Ivanans because of a hit and the fight was mostly a wrestling match with no winner. In the Blues-Flames game, Jamal Mayers and Rhett Warrener went at it with Mayers looking to get the only good punch in during the fight. I gave the edge to Mayers in that fight.

On Tuesday there was only one fight and it was Stars' Krys Barch pounding on Flyers' Denis Gauthier after Gauthier went low on a Stars' player. Barch threw all the punches on a turtling Gauthier, decision to Barch.

On Wednesday we had another one fight night, with old-timer Gary Roberts of the Penguins going with Devils' Mike Rupp in a fight near the Devils' bench. This one was mostly a wrestling match with Roberts looking to throw Rupp over into the Devils' bench. The old-timer still has it.

On Thursday there were only two fights. In the Capitals-Bruins game Matt Bradley and Andrew Alberts dropped the gloves. It was mostly Bradley in this fight as Alberts looked to have balance issues. In the Blackhawks-Kings game, Cam Barker and Jamie Lundmark dropped the gloves and had a spirited bout. Lundmark looked to land a few nice punches, and I would give the edge to Lundmark in that fight.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sunday night roundup

On Sunday there were six fights, and three of those were in one game. First, in the Bruins-Red Wings game Jeremy Reich and Darryl Bootland had a spirited bout with Reich getting the decision. In the Kings-Stars game, there were two fights. The first one was a short one with Jeff Halpern instigating a fight with Dustin Brown after Brown hit Mike Modano. No winner here as it wasn't much of a fight. Later Tom Kostopoulos and Krys Barch had a fight where it was mostly all Barch throwing punches. Decision to Barch.

In the Canucks-Ducks game there were three fights, all in the first period. First Kevin Bieksa instigated a fight with Dustin Penner after Penner hit a Canucks player hard into the boards. It was all Bieksa as Penner lost his balance and Bieksa got in some good punches on Penner. Decision to Bieksa. Later Jeff Cowan and Shawn Thornton dropped the gloves and Cowan looked off balance and it was all Thornton in that fight. Decision to Thornton. Later in the first period Jeff Cowan and Joe DiPenta dropped the gloves and it was all Cowan as he right at DiPenta with lefts and DiPenta fell backwards to give the decision to Cowan.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

David Koci reminds us of what hockey once was

Chicago Blackhawks' David Koci made his NHL season debut last night and made a bang. He reminded the old-time hockey fans what hockey once was, a tough hard-working, hard-hitting sport. Koci racked up 42 penalty minutes in his first game which included three fights and a huge clean hit which he got thrown out of the game for.

Koci got into two good fights with Phoenix Coyotes' tough guy Josh Gratton. In their first fight Gratton sent Koci down with two big rights. In round 2 they had a slugfest with both guys landing some nice shots. You can watch both fights below. You can download both fights on Adam's Hockey Site fight clips page.

David Koci vs Josh Gratton round 1

David Koci vs Josh Gratton round 2

In that same Blackhawks-Coyotes game, Danny Richmond and Daniel Carcillo dropped the gloves and had a spirited bout with Carcillo gettting the edge. In the third period David Koci layed out Bill Thomas with a clean check and Nick Boynton went after Koci. They had an uneventful fight with Boynton getting the takedown. I would give that one a draw, maybe Koci an edge.

There were other fights on Saturday. In the Bruins-Flyers game Jeremy Reich and Darren Reid had a fight with Reich getting the edge. In the Rangers-Penguins game, the heavyweight title was on the line as Colton Orr and Georges Laraque had a fight that Laraque dominated. Laraque looked to land two big lefts that sent Orr down to the ice. Win to Laraque and he retains the title. I believe this was Laraque's first fight in three months! That's too long.

In the Devils-Sabres game, Cam Janssen was playing in his first game back from his suspension and it didn't take long before he found a dance partner. Janssen dropped the gloves with Sabres' enforcer Andrew Peters. They had a long fight with not many punches landing as they held each other away from each other. I would give a slight edge to Peters in this fight.

Thursday and Friday fight roundup

I didn't have time to post about Thursday and Friday's fights until now so here we go. Thursday night there were four hockey fights. Panthers' Alexei Semenov and Flyers' Todd Fedoruk had a wrestling match where both guys didn't throw many punches and Semenov somehow fell down to the ice. I give that one a draw. In the Canadiens-Thrashers game, Francis Bouillon put a dirty knee-on-knee hit on Marian Hossa and Keith Tkachuk went after him. They both exchanged some good punches but Tkachuk got in the last punch that sent Bouillon down to the ice. Tkachuk gets the TKO win there. Watch the YouTube video of this fight below.

Francis Bouillon vs Keith Tkachuk

In the Flames-Predators game, Robyn Regehr and Jordin Tootoo had a battle where both guys threw punches and Regehr went down from losing his balance I think. I would maybe give a slight edge to Tootoo in this one, or a draw. In the Stars-Blues game, Barrett Jackman kept following Eric Lindros around the ice challenging him to fight and finally Lindros came back with a cross-check and then they dropped the gloves and had a wrestling match with not many punches thrown at all. I give this one a draw.

On Friday there were three fights. First there was Hurricanes' Tim Gleason and Capitals' Ben Clymer going at it in a short fight where not many punches were thrown. Clymer bumped into the Hurricanes' goalie which caused this fight. Draw in this one because no one landed anything, Gleason did throw two punches but both missed. In the Wild-Sabres game, Stephane Veilleux and Patrick Kaleta grab a hold of each other and drop the gloves in front of the Sabres bench after a scrum. Veilleux throws lefts and Veilleux throws rights. Veilleux eventually wrestles Kaleta down to the ice. I give this one a draw.

In the Oilers-Ducks game Zack Stortini and George Parros had some talking early in the game but Stortini declined the challenge from Parros. Later, Parros layed out an Oilers player and Stortini came in with gloves off after Parros. Stortini holds Parros in tight and it looks like Parros is trying to get free and apart from Stortini so they can fight but Stortini keeps the hug on a la Donald Brashear. They eventually go down to the ice. This one was a draw as not much happened. I don't know why Stortini drops the gloves and wants to go with Parros and then just hugs him the whole time. Protect your teammates and fight, don't hug. Maybe Stortini has new NHL syndrome?

Friday, March 9, 2007

Chris Simon hits Ryan Hollweg with his stick

If you're a hockey fan then you have probably already seen it. Of course I'm talking about the dirty cheapshot by Chris Simon on Ryan Hollweg last night. Simon got hit into the boards by Hollweg and then when Simon got up and saw Hollweg skating near him he swung his stick with two hands at Hollweg up high which caught Hollweg in the mouth/facial area and Hollweg went down to the ice. We haven't seen something like that since the Marty McSorley-Donald Brashear incident I believe. I think Simon will be suspended for a long time for this. What do you think? Will the new NHL make Simon an example for future stuff like this? Since the NHL seems that they want all the rough stuff gone from the game they may suspend Simon for the rest of the season and maybe longer. View the YouTube video of the Simon cheapshot on Hollweg below.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Derek Boogaard TKOs Todd Fedoruk

I haven't posted this fight on this blog so I thought I would now since there hasn't been much going on in the NHL lately. Back in October Derek Boogaard and Todd Fedoruk had a fight where Boogaard broke Fedoruk's face. Fedoruk needed to have surgery and I believe he had a metal plate put in somewhere. Anyways here's the video of this fight.

Derek Boogaard vs Todd Fedoruk

Download this fight here.

Hockey fights on YouTube

Since there hasn't been many hockey fights recently, I went looking through YouTube, just browsing for any hockey fights I haven't seen before and I found some hockey fights with young players dropping the gloves. Some of these guys are in the NHL, some have had some NHL experience and some haven't made it yet.

Mike Richards vs Corey Perry

Brandon Prust vs D.J. King - 11/25/06

Mike Hoffman vs Frances Lessard

Guillaume Desbiens vs Brandon Prust - 01/26/07

D.J. King vs Guillaume Desbiens - 11/04/06

Brandon Prust vs Valabik

Finally, some hockey fights

There hasn't been any hockey fights the past days but last night we finally got to see two. In the Kings-Blue Jackets game, Raitis Ivanans and Jody Shelley came out of the penalty box and dropped the gloves. Shelley started out quick throwing some rights. It was a good fight with Shelley landing more than Ivanans and I give Shelley the edge in this fight. View the video of the fight below. In the Lightning-Oilers game, Nick Tarnasky and Matt Greene dropped the gloves and had more of a wrestling match than anything else. Tarnasky went after Greene because he hit Eric Perrin.

Raitis Ivanans vs Jody Shelley

Monday, March 5, 2007

Darcy Hordichuk vs George Parros highlight of the night

There were two hockey fights yesterday. The first was between Sharks' Mark Bell and Stars' Krys Barch. Barch got the edge as he threw most of the punches and Bell's jersey got over his head so he couldn't see much during the later parts of the fight. The other fight was a good one between Predators' Darcy Hordichuk and Ducks' George Parros. Hordichuk and Parros exchange lots of right hands. Parros looks like he landed a few and got the better of Hordichuk as Hordichuk lost his balance and went down to the ice. I give the decision to Parros in this fight.

Darcy Hordichuk vs George Parros

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Weak Saturday with two fights

Usually Saturdays have a few fights because almost every team plays, but yesterday there was really one fight and the other one went so fast that the television cameras didn't even get it. The fight that was actually televised was between Lightnings' Ryan Craig and Panthers' Gregory Campbell. They had a short spirited bout with Campbell landing a what seemed to be big punch. I would give that one a draw though because it was all Craig at first in the fight. The fight that was missed by both television feeds was between Blue Jackets' Ole-Kristian Tollefsen and Coyotes' Keith Ballard. I have read that it was a quick fight with neither guy landing anything.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Thursday and Friday fight roundups

This post will be a recap of Thursday's and Friday's hockey fights. On Thursday there were two fights. In the Avalanche-Blackhawks game Mark Rycroft and Danny Richmond dropped the gloves off a faceoff and had a spirited bout. They were mostly in tight and neither one could land a good punch. I would give this one a draw.

The other fight was in the Coyotes-Canucks game with Josh Gratton and Jeff Cowan going at it. The television feed that I saw did not show the whole fight as when the camera finally got on the fight, Cowan was down and then Gratton lost his balance and went down to the ice while throwing one last punch at Cowan. I can't really give a decision because I didn't see the whole fight.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Simon bloodies Fedoruk and Coyotes-Oilers go at it

Last night provided us hockey fans with a few good hockey fights. In the Flyers-Islanders game there were two fights. The first hockey fight was between Todd Fedoruk and Chris Simon. This was a good one with both guys trading some bombs. Simon did land the best punches though as Fedoruk was bleeding after the fight. Decision to Simon in this fight. Watch the Fedoruk-Simon fight below.

Todd Fedoruk vs Chris Simon

The second fight was with Darren Reid vs Aaron Asham. It was all Asham in this one as Reid couldn't get started and Asham finished him pretty quick. In the Coyotes-Oilers game there were three hockey fights, with Nick Boynton getting into two of them. The first fight was between tough guys Josh Gratton and Zack Stortini going at it. Gratton got some good shots on Stortini as Stortini looked like he couldn't handle Gratton. Decision to Gratton. The next fight was between Nick Boynton and Jason Smith. Not much of a fight here, but Boynton stood up for a teammate and went at Smith. Later in the game Jean-Francois Jacques got some revenge for Smith by fighting Boynton and pounding him. Jacques landed at least two big shots that sent Boynton down to the ice and slowly skated to the dressing room. Jacques has had two big fights recently and winning both, against Tollefsen and now Boynton.

Two other fights took place last night. Blue Jackets' Jason Chimera took on Avalanche' Jeff Finger with Chimera getting the edge in that one. In the Red Wings-Blackhawks game there was actually a fight. Brett Lebda and Mikael Holmqvist dropped the gloves and tried to fight but not much happened there.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Penguins and Lightning throw down with three fights

On Sunday there were five fights, and three of those were in the Penguins-Lightning game. So I'll start off with that game. The first fight was between Ryan Malone and Cory Sarich. At center ice they fight and grapple for position. Sarich gets his right loose and throws two big rights that gets Malone off balance and they both soon go to the ice. I give the edge to Sarich in that fight. Watch their fight below. The second fight was between Maxime Talbot and Nick Tarnasky. They meet in the area between the benches and Talbot gives Tarnasky a good shoulder hit. Tarnasky doesn't like it because it looked a little high. They go at it and Tarnasky whales away on Talbot as Talbot can't keep his balance. Talbot goes down to the ice and Tarnasky keeps throwing punches until the linesmen get in there to separate them. Decision goes to Tarnasky in that fight. At the end of the Penguins-Lightning game, Maxime Talbot and Nick Tarnasky have another go but it was all wrestling as when the camera got there they were down on the ice, with Tarnasky on top trying to throw punches, but the linesmen came flying in to break them up quickly.

Ryan Malone vs Cory Sarich

In the Predators-Blue Jackets game, Jordin Tootoo and Adam Foote had a little dust-up. They did drop the gloves but it was mostly wrestling. Tootoo did manage to throw a good looking uppercut but I don't know if it landed. After the fight in the penalty box Foote looked to have a cut on his forehead, which could have been caused from his helmet.

Sabres vs Senators rematch on Saturday

Saturday night had the rematch that everyone was looking forward to. Although it didn't have another line brawl, it had some more rough stuff including two spirited hockey fights. The first was between Andrew Peters and Brian McGrattan. Wade Redden put down a Sabres player with a good hit and Peters came over to Redden and they had some words. McGrattan came over to Peters and they dropped the gloves and had a heavyweight bout. I would give it a draw, Peters landed a big punch at the start of it and McGrattan came back at the end. Watch the video below of this fight. Later in the second period a Sabres player hit a Senators player. Chris Neil didn't like that and went at the Sabres player and pushed him. The Sabres player looked like he exaggerated the push as he threw his body backwards onto the ice, which brought Adam Mair over to Neil. Neil and Mair got a hold of each other and Neil dropped the gloves. Mair then dropped his gloves and they went at it. Not many punches landed by either guy and I gave that one a draw.

Andrew Peters vs Brian McGrattan

In the Sharks-Flames game, Mark Bell and Wayne Primeau had a fight where Bell landed a big punch that cut Primeau over his right eye. Win to Bell in that one. In the Capitals-Devils game, John Erskine and Cam Janssen had a long fight where both guys traded punches. I gave that one a draw because there was no clear winner. In the Avalanche-Kings game, Ian Laperriere and Tom Kostopoulos had a quick non-eventful fight where not many punches were thrown as they had balance issues. Laperriere now has 15 fighting majors and leads the NHL in that stat. As of right now Andrew Peters is second on that list with 14 fighting majors. Cam Janssen and George Parros are tied for third with 13 fighting majors.

In the Blue Jackets-Rangers game we had another heavyweight fight between Jody Shelley and Colton Orr. Shelley wanted to go as he gave Orr the stick so they dropped the gloves and right away Orr threw some big rights that looked to stun Shelley for a second. They exchanged punches, both getting shots in on each other, but Orr got the better as after the fight Shelley had blood on his nose. That fight was Orr's 12th fight was of the season and Shelley's 11th fight of the season. Watch the video of this heavyweight fight below.

Jody Shelley vs Colton Orr

Monday, February 26, 2007

More fight wrap-ups, Thursday and Friday

Besides the Senators-Sabres line brawl on Thursday (February 22nd) there were some other good hockey fights. In the Oilers-Blue Jackets game there were two decent fights. The first one was between Mathieu Roy and Jody Shelley. It started because Shelley layed out an Oiler player with a good shoulder check. The Oiler player was down and looked to be in real pain. Roy came right over and dropped the gloves with Shelley. Good response by Roy, but I wouldn't give him the edge in the fight though. But he showed up and that's what counts. The second fight was between Jean-Francois Jacques and Ole-Kristian Tollefsen. Tollefsen roughed up an Oilers player and then challenged him to go but the Oiler player declined. The Oiler play then went to the bench for a line change and off the bench came Jacques who challenged Tollefsen right away. They went at it pretty good with Jacques getting in some good shots. I give the edge to Jacques in that fight. In the Flyers-Hurricanes game Todd Fedoruk dropped the gloves with Tim Gleason. Fedoruk hits Ryan Whitney and then at the whistle Gleason comes over to Fedoruk and away they go. They both exchange punches, Gleason looked to get the better shots on Fedoruk. I give the edge to Gleason in that one. Fedoruk still has not won a fight since he has been injured against Derek Boogaard.

On Friday there was only one fight and it was Bruins' Jeremy Reich vs Lightnings' Nick Tarnasky. They dropped the gloves off a faceoff and went at it. They both exchanged punches in close to each other. Reich I think caught a punch from Tarnasky and then lost his balance and fell down. I gave the edge to Tarnasky in that one. But I think you could also call it a draw.

I'll get to the hockey fights that happened on Saturday and Sunday later today hopefully.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Senators vs Sabres line brawl

Thursday night we had some old-time hockey with a 6 on 6 line brawl between the Ottawa Senators and the Buffalo Sabres. The Senators did not have their enforcer Brian McGrattan in the lineup for this game, too bad because it would have made it even better. Anyways back to Thursday's game. Here's what happened first. Senators' Chris Neil layed out Sabres' star Chris Drury with a clean looking hit but it did appear to be late. Drury was lying on the ice and blood was visible on the ice. It was said that he had a deep cut on his forehead. Sabres' Drew Stafford went after Neil and they dropped the gloves in a short fight that Neil had the edge in.

On the next faceoff, the puck is dropped, Mair goes at Jason Spezza, cross-checking him and trying to get him to fight. Sabres' enforcer Andrew Peters goes after Dany Heatley. Everybody joins the pile up with Mair and Spezza besides Peters, Heatley and the goalies. Ray Emery and Martin Biron shed the masks and gloves. They meet and exchange punches. Emery won that one. After that, Peters is making his way to the penalty box (where Emery and Biron were). Peters and Emery get together, grab each other and start exchanging punches. It was mostly Peters throwing punches at Emery. After everyone is broken apart from each other the camera focuses on the benches with the coaches, Lindy Ruff and Brian Murray screaming and swearing at each other. Ruff tries to make his way to Murray but can't get to him as he slips between the benches where Sabres TV guy Rob Ray is standing and enjoying the verbal war between Ruff and Murray.

View the videos of the Chris Neil hit and the line brawl below. Wow what a line brawl that was. The first one this year I believe (I may be wrong about that). These two teams play Saturday night and look for McGrattan to be dressed and in the lineup for that game. Hopefully Gary Bettman doesn't ruin things and suspend Mair and/or Peters and/or Neil. If you want fans to watch the games, there needs to be more of this kind of action.

Does anyone think that Neil's hit on Drury was dirty? What was Murray thinking by putting out all of the skilled players, and not any tougher Senators before that line brawl ensued? Do you think Peters should have not fought Emery? Anyone think any of these guys will be suspended for Saturday's game? I hope not!

Chris Neil lays out Chris Drury and then fights Drew Stafford

Next faceoff after the Neil hit on Drury, Mair goes after Spezza, Peters goes after Heatley, Emery vs Biron, then Peters fights Emery

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Eastern rivalries - Flyers vs Sabres and Rangers vs Devils

Tuesday night was pretty good with three fights that night. In the Flyers-Sabres game, R.J. Umberger tried to get some revenge on Brian Campbell from the big hit from last years' playoffs. Umberger instigated the fight with Campbell and got in some good shots. After the fight in the penalty box Campbell had an ice bag on his mouth. Decision to Umberger in that one.

Later in the first period of that game Todd Fedoruk and Andrew Peters had an uneventful fight. Fedoruk looked like he was trying not to get punched in the fight. Since his return from the injury he received from Derek Boogaard, Fedoruk hasn't looked good in his two fights (against Andre Roy and now Peters). In both of them he looked to be hesitant of throwing punches, and looked to be afraid of getting hit with a punch. I would give this one a draw since both guys didn't throw much or land much at all.

In the Rangers-Devils game there was some rough stuff, including Sean Avery and goalie Martin Brodeur exchanging shoves. In the third period Colton Orr and Cam Janssen finally dropped the gloves and went at it. Orr and Janssen exchanged punches but Orr looked to land more. At the end Orr looked to land a shot on Janssen and either Janssen slipped and fell down, or Orr's punch sent him down.

Colton Orr vs Cam Janssen
Colton Orr vs Cam Janssen

Catching up on hockey fights earlier this week

Time to catch up on the hockey fights that happened earlier this week. On Sunday there were two hockey fights. In the Blackhawks-Rangers game Martin Lapointe put a pounding on Ryan Hollweg. Decision to Lapointe in that fight. In the Sharks-Stars game, Kyle McLaren layed out Hagman with a good hard check. A little later Stars' tough guy Krys Barch challenged McLaren and they went at it. McLaren looked to get the better slightly in that one. I would give a slight edge to McLaren in that fight.

On Monday there was only one hockey fight but it was a spirited one. In the Bruins-Flyers game, Paul Mara and Mike Richards got into a scrum. Then later in the game, off a faceoff after a Bruins' goal, they throw down the gloves and go at it. They both exchanged some good punches. I would give Mara the edge, maybe call this a draw. Either way it was a good fight between two guys who don't fight that much, although this was Richards second fight in as many games. Watch the Mara-Richards fight below.

Paul Mara vs Mike Richards

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rivalries are building back up it seems

Last night we had some old-time hockey with passion and intensity in the games. Most of the games this season have lacked just that. With the playoffs coming teams are playing for their playoff lives.

I have only seen the Flyers-Rangers and Bruins-Sabres fights from last night so I can only comment on those bouts right now. In the Flyers-Rangers game, Mike Richards and Sean Avery went at it after Todd Fedoruk was nailing every Ranger in sight. I gave that one a draw. Later in the game Alexandre Picard fought Aaron Ward with Ward throwing most of the punches, if not all of them. Ward got the decision in that one, but he also hurt his hand in that fight.

In the Bruins-Sabres there were two fights with Jeremy Reich vs Adam Mair, and Andrew Ference vs Jochen Hecht. Both scraps were spirited and both looked to be draws. I might give an edge to Reich in his fight but Mair landed some at the end of the fight. Hecht landed one huge punch on Ference, but that was after Ference layed a bunch of consecutive punches on Hecht's noggin.

You can download fight clips of both of those fights here. You can watch the videos below:

Jeremy Reich vs Adam Mair

Andrew Ference vs Jochen Hecht

Update on 02/21/07 at 11:58 PM
I finally got to see the other hockey fights from Saturday night. There were quite a few. The Devils-Islanders game had three fights. First was Cam Janssen and Aaron Asham in a spirited punch-fest. I give that one a draw, watch the video below.

Cam Janssen vs Aaron Asham

Next in the Devils-Islanders game was Mike Rupp vs Drew Fata. Rupp didn't want to fight Chris Simon so he took on the smaller Fata and wailed away on him. Rupp gets the decision in this one, but loses respect by not going with Simon when Simon challenged him. Then there was Chris Simon taking out his frustration on Devils' defenseman Mark Fraser. Simon gets his left hand going and pounds Fraser.

In the chippy and feisty Kings-Ducks game there were a lot of scrums and pushes and shoves, and only one fight occurred in that game. Tom Kostopoulos and Shane O'Brien went at it in a quick bout which had no clear winner. The Lightning and Panthers have had some battles this season and it seems to be turning into a real rivalry. There were two ok fights in their game on Saturday. First there was Nick Tarnasky and Steve Montador going at it in not much of a fight as Montador lost his balance. Later in the game Andre Roy and Alexei Semenov dropped the gloves in a quick fight with Semenov getting in a few good shots on Roy. I would give the edge to Semenov, maybe a draw.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

D.J. King gets another win

Last night there was only one hockey fight and it was a good one with the Blues' rookie tough guy D.J. King going at it with Predators' tough guy Darcy Hordichuk. King got the edge over Scott Parker earlier this week and on Friday I would give him the edge in his fight against Hordichuk. Watch the fight below and give me your thoughts.

D.J. King vs Darcy Hordichuk

Friday, February 16, 2007

Three good fights, one veteran teaches a rookie

There were three hockey fights last night and they were all pretty good and entertaining. The best fight though from last night was Sabres' enforcer Andrew Peters vs Oilers' rookie tough guy Zack Stortini. Peters had the upper hand during the entire fight and threw some bombs. Stortini managed to wrestle Peters down to the ice to stop the beating he took. Win to Peters in their bout. View the video of the fight below.

In the Rangers-Hurricanes game, Ryan Hollweg had a fight against Mike Commodore. Commodore was winning at the start of the fight but Hollweg came back at the end to give this one a draw, maybe slight edge to Hollweg. In the Ducks-Coyotes game, I was hoping for Georges Laraque or Josh Gratton to fight a Ducks player but that did not happen. Instead Ducks' defenseman Francois Beauchemin and Coyotes defenseman Nick Boynton dropped the gloves and had a good fight. Not many punches seemed to land but both guys were throwing. I gave that fight a draw.

Zack Stortini vs Andrew Peters

Andrew Peters vs Zack Stortini
Andrew Peters vs Zack Stortini

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Janssen vs Murray, bout of the night

We had some action last night with four hockey fights. Blues' Matt Walker and Blue Jackets' Jody Shelley had an ok fight, with both guys trading punches in close. I give that one a draw. In the Panthers-Senators game, Chris Gratton and Mike Fisher dropped the gloves and went at it. I would maybe give an edge to Fisher in this fight because he looked to land a few. Fisher though had his helmet/with a shield on so it looked like Gratton was trying to be careful when to throw a punch so he didn't mess up his hands. Fisher looked like he tried to take off his lid when the fight started, but he just undid the strap I think. I think he should have took it off, don't fight with a shield on. In the Canadiens-Devils game, Garthy Murray and Cam Janssen dropped the gloves and had a good fight. I would give a slight edge to Janssen in this one. Also Stephane Veilleux of the Wild fought Canucks' Josh Green, but I have not seen this fight yet.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Some Tuesday night hockey action

On Tuesday there were 5 hockey fights. In the Oilers-Bruins game, Jeremy Reich and Matt Greene had a go and Reich won that one decisively with Greene going down (either slipping or getting hit with a punch). In the Sharks-Blues game there were two fights. First the light/middle-weight bout between Ryane Clowe and Jamal Mayers. I gave that one a draw because neither guy seemed to land any punches. Then later Scott Parker and rookie D.J. King dropped the gloves off a faceoff and went at it. King got in some good shots on the veteran Parker and I would give the decision to King. Watch the Parker-King fight below.

Scott Parker vs D.J. King

In the Thrashers-Flames game there were two fights. The first one was Eric Boulton vs Eric Godard with Godard getting the win over Boulton. Boulton looked over-matched in this one. At the end of the fight Boulton had a bloody nose. Later on in that game Garnet Exelby fought new Flame Wayne Primeau. This was a draw.

Eric Boulton vs Eric Godard