Thursday, April 26, 2007

More first round fights

Here are the rest of the hockey fights that happened during the first round of the playoffs. On April 17th, between the Thrashers and Rangers game, Ilya Kovalchuk and Sean Avery got into a fight and it was mostly Kovalchuk who threw the punches. Decision to Kovalchuk. That same day, in the Ducks-Wild game, Corey Perry and Brent Burns had a spirited bout with Burns getting the upper hand in their fight. Later in that game, Kent Huskins and Adam Hall had a wrestling match with Shawn Thornton jumping in there. And Brad May sucker punched Kim Johnsson.

On April 20th in the Lightning-Devils game, Andre Roy and Michael Rupp dropped the gloves and Rupp got the decision over Roy in a surprising fight. Then a little later, Nolan Pratt pounded on Jamie Langenbrunner with a lot of body shots. Decision to Pratt. On April 21st, in the Flames-Red Wings game, Dion Phaneuf and Todd Bertuzzi somehow got fighting majors when they really just wrestled. I give this a draw because nothing really happened in this one.

The second round of the playoffs started Wednesday night with no fights but I'm expecting there to be some before the round is over.


Stevens8204 said...

Need more fighting in the playoffs...I miss a good donnybrook every now and then.

One all I ask.

SportsFan411 said...

I got to agree with you Stevens8204. The playoffs are not like what they use to be, there's not many fights, and the refs are always getting in the middle of scrums too early and breaking guys up before stuff can happen, let them play!