Friday, October 26, 2007

Zdeno Chara bloodies David Koci

Last night there was a major fight between two giants, Bruins' captain Zdeno Chara and Blackhawks' enforcer David Koci. What a fight it was, a bloody fight that is. Koci had an injured nose before the fight, but it got completely messed up in this fight as Chara busted him open badly. Watch the YouTube video of the fight below. It looked like they hit each other at the same time with a punch, and Chara went down to a knee and Koci was busted open. But after looking at it in different angles and reading other's opinions, Koci's punch did not land on Chara. Koci's face was covered with blood, as was the ice where they were fighting. Koci's foreheard looked really bloody, so maybe he was cut open on his forehead. Watch the fight below, download it here.

Zdeno Chara bloodies David Koci

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Anonymous said...

wow lots of blood in that one. win to Chara.