Thursday, October 11, 2007

Boulerice cheap shot on Kesler

There have been quite a few fights at the start of this season and yesterday we saw the first severe cheap shot of this season. Flyers' Jesse Boulerice lost it and cross checked Canucks' Ryan Kesler right in the face/jaw area. Kesler went down as Boulerice was ready to drop the gloves for Kesler or any Canucks player as the Canucks players came rushing in to get a piece of him. Watch the video below. Maybe now the Canucks will dress a tough guy/enforcer besides Jeff Cowan who isn't an enforcer. Don't be surprised if Boulerice is suspended for 20+ games.

Also in the YouTube video is Flyers' Ben Eager bumping into Canucks' goalie Curtis Sanford and everyone gets involved. Eager tries to beat the crap out of fairy pansy Matt Cooke, while R.J. Umberger and Jeff Cowan try to go.


tanner said...

you are a fairy pansy

dj said...

Boulerice got 25 games for that cheap shot shit. he should have got more. motherfuka!!!