Friday, March 9, 2007

Chris Simon hits Ryan Hollweg with his stick

If you're a hockey fan then you have probably already seen it. Of course I'm talking about the dirty cheapshot by Chris Simon on Ryan Hollweg last night. Simon got hit into the boards by Hollweg and then when Simon got up and saw Hollweg skating near him he swung his stick with two hands at Hollweg up high which caught Hollweg in the mouth/facial area and Hollweg went down to the ice. We haven't seen something like that since the Marty McSorley-Donald Brashear incident I believe. I think Simon will be suspended for a long time for this. What do you think? Will the new NHL make Simon an example for future stuff like this? Since the NHL seems that they want all the rough stuff gone from the game they may suspend Simon for the rest of the season and maybe longer. View the YouTube video of the Simon cheapshot on Hollweg below.


Anonymous said...

The Rangers have no guts. Not one teammate stepped up to show loyalty and unity. Simon made a stupid mistake. Thank God he did not really hurt Hollweg.

dazed said...

Hey anonymous! What do you mean the rangers have no guts?! The coward in the incident between Simon/Hollweg is CHRIS SIMON! Simon is the one that used his hockey stick like a baseball bat and hit Hollweg in the face...another inch lower and he would have it Hollweg in the neck! CHRIS SIMON is the one with no guts...not the Rangers.

Anonymous said...

As we see Hollweg now showing his true colors in the NHL. It doesn't make what Simon did right, but he is a complete scum bag himself and its just too bad Simon didn't just punch his lights out instead.