Thursday, March 22, 2007

Flyers-Rangers rivalry may be back

Besides the KO heard around the hockey fighting world, which I posted about last night after it happened, there were two others fights on Wednesday night. In the same Flyers-Rangers game as the Orr KO on Fedoruk, Orr took on Ben Eager in the first period as well. Orr didn't KO Eager, but it was Orr early and Eager late in the fight. I give that one a draw. You can view that fight below. So is the Flyers-Rangers rivalry heating back up in this new NHL? I believe they play again later before the season ends. Maybe the Flyers will bring up Riley Cote to take Fedoruk's spot if Fedoruk is unable to play again this season. Their next meeting should be interesting.

Ben Eager vs Colton Orr

In the Capitals-Sabres game, the two heavyweights had a rematch from their earlier fight this year where Peters nailed Brashear with some nice shots. But in this one it was all Brashear as he looked to overpower Peters, pulling him off balance and throwing punches as Peters tried to get loose. Decision to Brashear in this one.


Anonymous said...

The Fedoruk incident proves the theory that the N.E Patriots head and neck specialist has hung his hat on. This was Fedoruks second facial injury of the year. Just like Ben Roethlisberger he has had trauma to his jaw joint. The first may have dislodged the meniscus in his jaw joint, leaving him in a bone on bone condition. This will cause a pinching of the nerves, the sensation of seeing stars, dizziness, headache and concussion are all symptoms. The blow to the jaw may have unhinged his other joint, there are two jaw joints. Like Roethlisberger, the more damage, the more susceptible you become. The neuro docs say that your brain is becoming softer and softer, yet not one has ever had any statistics to prove they know how to prevent a concussion. It is one of the biggest injustices in the world today.

troublizing said...

One of the Best KO's for a Ranger in a Long Time. Trust me they havent had many in their favor. The last one I can recall of note was Manny Malhotra knocking Ken Daneyko into a mind numbing stupor that for once wasn't alcoholically induced on Kenny's part.

This is a mans Sport and lets hope it doen't get pussified any more than it already has.

Great site BTW

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