Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jordin Tootoo punches out Stephane Robidas

The big talk right now is about Nashville Predators' energy player Jordin Tootoo and his punch that knocked out Stephane Robidas of the Dallas Stars on Saturday night. On Monday Tootoo was suspended for 5 games for his punch. Here's what happened: Tootoo layed out Mike Modano which looked to be a hard clean check. It was clean, maybe could have been charging, but this is still hockey, players can hit each other. We all know Bettman wants ballerina dancing in hockey, but Tootoo says "NO!" and so do we fans of true hockey. Anyways, Tootoo lays out Modano with a clean check, Robidas looks to be coming in on Tootoo high with his arms, but before Robidas can get at Tootoo, Tootoo turned and fired a gloved right hand punch that sent Robidas down to the ice and down for the count as he was out. Watch the YouTube video of this incident below.

Jordin Tootoo knocks out Stephane Robidas

Make sure you catch Mike Modano's reaction to his teammate getting knocked out after he came in to protect Modano. Modano slashed at Tootoo's back, and then just stood there, backing away from Tootoo not wanting any piece of him. What a good teammate Modano is, he just had a teammate try and stand up for him and he did nothing to help Robidas. Geez, no wonder he lost the Captaincy in Dallas. Even Marty Turco and Trevor Daley came in to try and get at Tootoo but the linesmen made sure to break everything up before it got out of hand.

I think five games is too much, maybe two or three games is enough. What do you think? I think Robidas got what he deserved and Tootoo was protecting himself from getting knocked out himself. All Tootoo knows is that someone is going after him, so he better defend himself. Robidas should have blocked his face with his gloves because what a shot Tootoo gave him. Even Mark Messier on VS didn't think Tootoo should have been suspended. That's right Mark, you're right on, old-time hockey baby, let them play!


MadCamelJockey said...

this is a complete no brainer for me. why the hell is tootoo getting 5? don't get me wrong - i'm not a fan of the guy, but let's analyze the facts.

Tootoo > Modano, IMO clean hit.

Robidas = 3rd man in, no? The puck was far, the play was gone, and Robidas came after Tootoo.

Modano < everyone. So did Modano get penalized for his slash across Tootoo's back?

Tootoo is protecting himself from an extra person entering the situation. Had Tootoo not done that - he probably would have had Robidas' stick or gloves in his face. I would have penalized Robidas. As he was lying on the ice. He was coming from behind to run into Tootoo - and that just pisses me off. He got what he deserved. Modano can just waft away into the mist, just like he did after this.

The Moose speaks the truth.

SportsFan411 said...

I agree with you madcameljockey. I think Robidas got a charging penalty on the play which he should have. I too think Robidas got what he deserved. Tootoo was just protecting himself. And yea you gotta love Mark Messier, as he thought Tootoo should have not been suspended, I agree with him.

And what's up with Modano not doing anything after his teammate was out? At least go after Tootoo, but he just stood there instead.