Friday, February 23, 2007

Senators vs Sabres line brawl

Thursday night we had some old-time hockey with a 6 on 6 line brawl between the Ottawa Senators and the Buffalo Sabres. The Senators did not have their enforcer Brian McGrattan in the lineup for this game, too bad because it would have made it even better. Anyways back to Thursday's game. Here's what happened first. Senators' Chris Neil layed out Sabres' star Chris Drury with a clean looking hit but it did appear to be late. Drury was lying on the ice and blood was visible on the ice. It was said that he had a deep cut on his forehead. Sabres' Drew Stafford went after Neil and they dropped the gloves in a short fight that Neil had the edge in.

On the next faceoff, the puck is dropped, Mair goes at Jason Spezza, cross-checking him and trying to get him to fight. Sabres' enforcer Andrew Peters goes after Dany Heatley. Everybody joins the pile up with Mair and Spezza besides Peters, Heatley and the goalies. Ray Emery and Martin Biron shed the masks and gloves. They meet and exchange punches. Emery won that one. After that, Peters is making his way to the penalty box (where Emery and Biron were). Peters and Emery get together, grab each other and start exchanging punches. It was mostly Peters throwing punches at Emery. After everyone is broken apart from each other the camera focuses on the benches with the coaches, Lindy Ruff and Brian Murray screaming and swearing at each other. Ruff tries to make his way to Murray but can't get to him as he slips between the benches where Sabres TV guy Rob Ray is standing and enjoying the verbal war between Ruff and Murray.

View the videos of the Chris Neil hit and the line brawl below. Wow what a line brawl that was. The first one this year I believe (I may be wrong about that). These two teams play Saturday night and look for McGrattan to be dressed and in the lineup for that game. Hopefully Gary Bettman doesn't ruin things and suspend Mair and/or Peters and/or Neil. If you want fans to watch the games, there needs to be more of this kind of action.

Does anyone think that Neil's hit on Drury was dirty? What was Murray thinking by putting out all of the skilled players, and not any tougher Senators before that line brawl ensued? Do you think Peters should have not fought Emery? Anyone think any of these guys will be suspended for Saturday's game? I hope not!

Chris Neil lays out Chris Drury and then fights Drew Stafford

Next faceoff after the Neil hit on Drury, Mair goes after Spezza, Peters goes after Heatley, Emery vs Biron, then Peters fights Emery


Sin said...

I was at the game, and the hit on Drury was way late, and you could tell Neil was gunning for him because he didn't slow down, even after Drury passed the puck. It may have been a legal check, but it was obviously a very cheap shot.

And even Lindy Ruff knew, you just don't do that to one of the Sabre's top guys, especially since they already had so many top players injured as it was. The guys were out for bloody, and Ruff knew that...hence why he threw out the "heavy hitting" line of Peters, Mair, and Amerks newcomer Pat Kaleta. Lindy was not a happy guy, and I didn't even notice him and Murray screaming at each other, because I was too engrossed in the Brion vs. Emery fight.

Now in regards to that, I think Peters coming in and "helping out" was, well...funny as hell. Here's Emery, who just got off a 3-game suspension for a previous tussle he was apart of in another game....against Biron who for all intents and purposes has been known as the "gentlemanly" type. Emery knows how to fight, and Biron doesn't. Peters was just helping even things out.

Overall, it was the best damn game I've ever been to. Saturday's reunion between these guys is gonna be all kinds of fun.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't dirty man, that was a clean shoulder check. Drury got what he deserved, keep your head up boy! Chris Neil layed him out big time. Go Sens! We're gonna dress McGrattan Saturday and kick your Sabres ass.