Saturday, February 3, 2007

Heavyweight title on the line tonight

Georges LaraqueDerek BoogaardThe NHL heavyweight title could be on the line tonight when the Minnesota Wild and Phoenix Coyotes play later tonight. Most hockey fight fans know Georges Laraque holds the title right now and Derek Boogaard is probably #2 in the league and he'll get his chance tonight to take the title from Laraque. Hopefully they both are playing in the game tonight. These two have fought before 4 times and Laraque is 3-0-1 against Boogaard. Boogaard has suffered losses in two of his last three fights (against Laraque on 11/14 and against Godard 1/9). Godard showed us all that Boogaard is human just like every other fighter in the NHL. We'll see what happens tonight.


MadCamelJockey said...

Personally I think you give Boogaard too much credit. If the tilt goes, Laraque no contest. I'm more and more impressed with Godard each time he fights. Great blog you got here! I'll be back!

SportsFan411 said...

Hi MadCamelJockey, thanks for the comment. Trust me I'm not a Boogaard fan and I too think Laraque will win if they fight tonight. Laraque will remain undefeated against Boogaard!

Yea Godard did real good against Boogaard in both of his fights. He impressed me and hopefully the Flames keep Godard up in the NHL.

SportsFan411 said...

Boogaard isn't playing tonight so we won't see a heavyweight bout tonight between him and Laraque.