Thursday, February 8, 2007

Scott Parker and George Parros rumble again

Last night there were only two fights. Sharks' Scott Parker had a rematch with Ducks' George Parros, which turned out to be better than Tuesdays' fight they had. Still nothing looked to cleanly land but at least it lasted for longer than 10 seconds. I gave their fight a draw. The other fight that happened last night was between Canucks' Kevin Bieksa and Blackhawks' Karl Stewart. It was all Bieksa in that one as Bieksa had a good hold on him and Stewart looked to be tied up with his jersey. Bieksa threw some bombs that missed Stewart, if he would have caught him, Stewart would have went down. Bieksa I believe still has not lost a fight in the NHL in his career.

Woops excuse me, as I look at Kevin Bieksa's NHL fight card it looks like he has one loss and that came in the pre-season this year against the Ducks' Travis Moen. So Bieksa is 7-1-3 so far in his NHL career in fighting. That's pretty good.

Karl Stewart vs Kevin Bieksa
Karl Stewart vs Kevin Bieksa

Look at everyone in the stands on their feet watching Stewart and Bieksa go at it. And there are some that say people don't like fighting in the NHL. Hello, look at the picture, everyone is standing and watching. No one goes to get a hot dog when a fight is going on.

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MadCamelJockey said...

Yah Bieksa definitely can fight. However I'm very anti-Bieksa. I'm sure there's a myriad of reasons, stemming from seeing him spear a guy (and this was no mistakable spear) in the stomach right after he scores a goal and is celebrating with his teammates (IMO that's just being a bitch), to the fact that he plays on a rival team, but I just... don't... like... him. Godard, help me out here would ya?