Sunday, February 11, 2007

Saturday was another good day for hockey fights

Another good Saturday with tons of hockey action. There were a total of 7 hockey fights last night. Most notably was the fight between Penguins' Ronald Petrovicky and Maple Leafs' Kris Newbury. Petrovicky sent Newbury down to the ice with a punch and Newbury hit his head on the ice. Newbury had to be carried off the ice on a stretcher. I don't know if he was out before hitting his head on the ice or not. I have not seen the fight yet but have heard from several people what happened.

In the Ducks-Stars game Shawn Thornton and Krys Barch went at it off a faceoff early in the game. They both traded punches but not much looked to land. I gave this one a draw. Watch the fight below.

In the Rangers-Capitals game Ryan Hollweg got his second fight in his second straight game as he took on Brian Sutherby because Sutherby bumped into the Rangers goalie. It was mostly Sutherby in this fight as he threw some good shots, but only one or two looked to land. Decision to Sutherby. Later in the game off a faceoff Colton Orr challenged Donald Brashear and they dropped the gloves. Orr started throwing rights as Brashear tries to tie up Orr. Brashear puts the bear hug move on as usual, then gets Orr of balance and throws lefts as Orr falls to the ice. This was also Orr's second fight in his second straight game. I would give this a slight edge to Brashear.

Colton Orr vs Donald Brashear

In the Senators-Canadiens game Chris Neil and Mike Komisarek had a short fight. Komisarek threw a punch and then Neil wrestled him to the ice and threw two punches on their way down. I give this fight a draw. In the Kings-Predators game Tom Kostopoulos and Sheldon Brookbank fought and exchanged some punches. I give that one a draw. Also in this game Derek Armstrong and Vernon Fiddler went at it. Not much of a fight as they went down fast. This one was also a draw.


MadCamelJockey said...

I heard about the Newbury-Petro fight. Apparently newbury slipped and his head hit the ice (sans-helmet). Though I'm sure you already heard that part. Apparently Ronald was even disheartened to see his opponent's duress. Too bad his helmet had popped off, I'm sure it would have been an inconsequential spill if it hadn't. I don't really see how this could have been prevented either, short of gluing helmets to heads.

SportsFan411 said...

Yea scary stuff, I'll try and find it on youtube and post it here.

There's an article on TSN and Newbury said that Petrovicky called him to see how he was doing.

Quote from Newbury: "I appreciate that and I told him that," Newbury said Monday in the Leafs' dressing room. "It was a freak accident that happens every once in a while in the game."